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Venue Styling and Seating Plans and Layouts

No event is more important than your own wedding day. With this in mind we will guide, inspire and assist you in planning and creating a wedding setting that befits your special day. 

Official Wedding Ceremony Layout Options:

Fairfield Room - Offset Angle - Curved (fan shaped)
Fairfield Room - Central with Straight (rows and columns)
Inside Barn - Curved (Fan Shaped) Up to 40 - Facing open doorway
Inside Barn - Straight rows and columns - Facing heart (Up to 70)
* Outside Barn - Curved (Fan Shaped) - Facing Open Doorway
* Outside Barn - Straight rows and columns - Facing Open Doorway
If you have selected * as your first choice then you must also choose a second  Wet Weather Option
Cermeony Layouts

Unofficial Ceremony option:

* On lawn - Curved (fan shaped)
Note this is not allowed for official legal ceremonies where an official Marriage certificate is issued. 
We class these as Humanist ceremonies which are conducted by a celebrant and NOT an official registrar of Cumbria

Dining Layout Options:

Fine dining 6 people - 1 round table in dining room of house
Fine dining upto 12 people - Square table in dining room of house
Up to 24 People - 3 Round tables in the barn or house
Up to 40 People - 5 round tables in the barn
Up to 46 People - 5 round tables and 1 top table of 6 in the barn
Up to 50 people - U shaped in barn 
Up to 70 people - Informal layout on 8 tables of 8 in barn plus a top table of 6  

Cote How Wedding Barn

Evening Barn Layout

Unlike other wedding venues Cote How is already wedding ready with lots of detail and decor included in our venue pricing. 

A mass of Fairy lights

This includes all of our exterior fairy lights which illuminate the front of the house, the outdoor terrace , the garden gazebo and barn terrace. 
Inside the barn the tasteful decor includes our beech branches and apple blossom illuminated with a plethora of fairylights. Our cake table has an illuminated tree and layers of logs and tea lights ready for your cake or sweet, or both!The barn also has a 6ft x 6ft wicker heart illuminated with fairlights at one end. The barn has coloured up-lighting at each end which we can change to suit your theme. 

Finger Post


Rustic Signage
We have a series of chalkboards which we use on a regular basis and some that we can edit to personalise your messages for your wedding.

We have a numbers of brass or chrome candelabras plus mirrored table centres and logs which we do not charge a hire fee for using. 
If you intend using these please enquire as to your requirements ahead of your day so that we can have them prepared ready for you.


Barn Weddings


We have 50 chairs in gold and green Cheltenham style for in the house, and 70 white folding chairs which we use in the barn and for any outdoor weddings. We do not hire in chairs therefore all of this cost is included in your event costings.

Chair Covers and Sashes

Add your own styling to our chairs in a variety of different ways. Our gold and green Cheltenham chairs can take chair cover and / or sash and are for indoor use only.
If you wanted to personalise our white outdoor chairs this can be done by adding a stretch sash or bow sash to incorporate your own colour theme.



Photobooth 2



Photo Booth Garden 
gazebo the Garden Gazebo is our catering station which doubles up it's use between meals as a purpose built photo booth. It is situated right outside the barn and this great space is available free of charge with a selection of photo frames in situ for you and your guests to have fun with. You are welcome to bring along your own selection of props for use in the booth.  

We do not allow marquees onsite.We do not allow marquees onsite.






Wedding Cakes

Some of our weddings already include a buttercream sponge cake made ot match oyur theme.
We can put you in touch with our wedding suppliers should you require something a little different.Or why not consider a cheese wedding cake instead. 
This is our savoury option which is displayed and cut for the photographs then served as a full cheese or Cumberland platter for supper!
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Wild Flower Blues



Wedding Flowers

Our all inclusive midweek weddings already include 15 jam jars of flowers whic hwe organise for oyur convenience. If you prefer to use your own florist then we have a number of suppliers that we can happily put you in touch with! 

As all things Weddings are very visual, having a Pinterest account is a great help if long distance weddings make visits difficult.
Set up a Pinterest account and share your own wedding ideas with us at Cote How and with our suppliers. 

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Real Wedding Flowers from Past Weddings at Cote How

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