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venue rules

The following Venue Rules form part of your Contract with Cote How. It is your responsibility to ensure that you and your guests are aware of and follow the Venue Rules.

Any of your service providers such as photographers, florists, venue stylists wish to see the venue this must be arranged to take place immediately after your final planning meeting and must be organised by you and with our prior agreement (as we may have other clients to see). We suggest that you schedule any such service providers to arrive approximately 1 hour after your final planning meeting with us starts.

Children are welcome at weddings, however, Cote How is an adult-focused venue and its grounds can be potentially hazardous. We cannot accept any liability whatsoever in the event of an accident due to children playing or running around unsupervised. We respectfully ask that guardians ensure their children are always fully supervised by identifiable responsible adult/s.
Children are not permitted onsite after 21.00. We have no facilities for children staying in our accommodation overnight. We highly recommend that you consider hiring a nanny where appropriate.
We limit the number of children aged under 10 years old to three (3). As Cote How has a very limited capacity there can be no discounts offered for children.

4. BAR
The bar is available for guests to purchase drinks throughout the day. If you wish to provide a bar tab for your guests, then an estimated amount will be agreed upon and added to your wedding payments. Any unspent tab will be refunded post-wedding.

Cote How is a non‐smoking establishment; failure to comply will result in cleaning and deodorizing with a minimum charge of £200.00 per room. A designated outside smoking area and ashtrays are provided near the barn. Failure of guests to use the ashtrays will result in a £200 charge for clearing up related litter.

No other food, drink or Illegal substances may be brought into the house or grounds by the client or guests for consumption on the premises. Cote How reserves the right to evict any person attending a function who behaves abusively, unreasonably, or illegally. If at any time any illegal substances are suspected to be in use by or in the possession of any client or guest on the premises, the wedding will be immediately stopped.
Cote How reserves the right to judge acceptable levels of noise or behaviour of clients, guests, or representatives, and the client must take all necessary action to correct it. In the event of failure to comply with management requests, Cote How reserves the right to terminate the Contract and stop the event without being liable for any refund or compensation.

The earliest arrival times of suppliers are 9:00 am, and all vehicles must be removed 15 minutes before the stated guests’ arrival time on the Wedding Day Schedule.
You are required to ensure that your suppliers are insured.

Access to the honeymoon suite is strictly for the bridal couple only.
The use of the Getting Ready Room (Beauty Suite) is an additional extra that needs to be pre-booked. It can accommodate up to 4 people plus 2 professional artists. All belongings needed for the day must be removed from the bedroom/getting ready room and stored downstairs before the wedding commences, as the upstairs of the house will be locked for security reasons.
Cote How is not responsible for tidying any rooms used for pre-wedding dressing/preparations and asks that all residents tidy where necessary ahead of the wedding ceremony and are mindful to leave the Bridal Suite and getting ready room clean and tidy for the wedding couple.

Members of the immediate bridal party who are not residents or having hair and make up done are asked to wait downstairs until the bride is ready. We will ensure the wedding guests are ushered into the ceremony room to allow for meeting ahead of the ceremony.

There is NO PARKING available onsite for wedding guests, suppliers, or residents during the wedding itself. RESIDENTIAL guests can park overnight after the daytime event has finished. We strongly advise that wedding couples organise pre-paid minibuses to transport their guests. See Wedding Guest Information Pack for details.

In order to preserve the venue in its natural state for all wedding couples, only confetti of small natural petals is permitted during your Wedding. Paper or synthetic confetti is not permitted and a cleaning charge of £250 will be made should your guests not abide by this rule.

Due to the limited time between other weddings and events, once you have booked your wedding, we ask that you limit any further visits to ONE final planning meeting onsite. It is advised to plan this visit approximately 8-12 weeks prior to your wedding date to finalise details. All relevant online forms held in your Wedding Portal are required ahead of this meeting.
For clarity purposes; all other arrangements and correspondence should be via email/wedding portal.

Please ensure that the forms within your Wedding Portal are completed per the stated timescales. These are an essential part of the wedding planning process and assist us greatly with smooth and efficient preparation for your Wedding. Your forms must be completed before your Final Planning Meeting.

The venue is located in a tranquil residential area. As such, any live entertainment booked by you must be agreed by us in advance of your Wedding Date and be acoustic only.

Stilettoed heels cause damage to the wooden floors in the venue. You and your guests must purchase “Heel Protectors” that fit your shoes snugly before the wedding if stiletto heels are to be worn. These are push-on clear plastic covers which protect the floors from damage and protect your shoes from gravel and soft ground. Damage to the floors will be charged against your Security Bond.

As we are not a hotel with large staffing teams, we are unable to manage early arrivals or additional requests. Please adhere to the arrival times as we are busy preparing for your wedding. If you are travelling on the wedding day, we recommend that you and your guests are suitably refreshed before arrival.

Bride holding her grooms hand as he kicks his feet up in the air to celbrate their wedding at Cote How in the Lake District, with Rydal Water in the background
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