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Terms and Conditions


1    VALIDITY – All costs quoted are valid for 28 days from the date of this contract. Once signed the costs are fixed unless otherwise stated. 

– A £1000.00 booking fee is required at the time of booking to hold your wedding date. This is held for a 7-day cooling off period pending the preparation and signing of this contract. After this time this becomes non-refundable and is held until after
the wedding as a security bond for such things as damage, theft or loss (see below). This booking fee, minus any deductions, will be refunded to you within 7 days of your wedding date.

  • Wedding Booking Fee – Due on Booking

3    WEDDING PAYMENT – Full payment for your wedding is required 3 months prior to the wedding date and is set out below:

  • 25% due – within 30 days from booking date
  • 25% due – 9 months before Wedding Date
  • 25% due – 6 moths before wedding date
  • 25% due – 3 months before wedding date

All payments must be made on account via Bank Transfer/Bill Payment to:             
Account Name: Cote How Lake District Weddings
Sort Code: 40-26-02
Account No: 01527258 

The wedding will no take place until all payments are made in full. Payments not received on schedule (see above) will be charged at 1% of the total bill per day. Non- payment will be deemed a breach of contract.

5    VAT – All prices quoted and optional extras are inclusive of VAT at the rate applicable at the time of invoice.


Postponement of wedding – This will be deemed a cancellation of the original contract and re-booking. 
Cancellation of wedding. See cancellation charges below.
Upgrade of wedding style. For example upgrading from an “Elopement for Two” to an “Afternoon tea for 12”. 
Change of wedding date – Within the same financial year 
Any changes made to the contract will be re-priced at the current pricing.

7    ADMIN CHARGES – Any contractual changes will incur a £50 administration charge

Note: Minor changes to the contract are permitted up to 12 weeks before the wedding date without charge and include:

Any adjustments to guest numbers, type of food or drinks.
Downward changes are permitted but must be within 10% of the originally agreed figures on contract. Downward adjustments will be re-allocated but not refunded. 
Upward changes are only permitted if capacity allows, for the wedding style chosen, and by the prior agreement of Cote How. 
All changes must be received in writing 12 weeks before the wedding date. No further invoicing adjustments can be made after this time.
All changes will be calculated at the current pricing and added to the final invoice which must be paid in full 12 weeks before. 

8    CANCELLATION CHARGES – All cancellations must be made in writing. A cancellation charge will be made in relation to the total invoice value using the following scale:
        Notice period

  • 0 ‐ 3 Calendar months prior to the confirmed date. 100% of the estimated total as quoted
  • 4 – 6 Calendar months prior to the confirmed date. 75% of the estimated total as quoted
  • 7 ‐ 12 Calendar months prior to the confirmed date. 50% of the estimated total as quoted
  • 13 ‐ 24 Calendar months prior to the confirmed date. 25% of the estimated total as quoted
  • On booking and confirming date – £1000 Booking Fee

We strongly advise you to take out wedding insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances.

*** In light of the current Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic – It is vital that you purchase wedding insurance as soon as possible. This may not be possible at present, as insurers are not taking on any new wedding policies. We will therefore flex the Cancellation policy above to NEW BOOKINGS ONLY (from March 19th 2020) to guarantee that any wedding payments made on account will be fully refundable until insurers are offering insurance or 31st July 2020, whichever comes sooner.
Note this does not apply to your Deposit which remains non-refundable after your 7 day cooling off period.

9    PRE-WEDDING VISITS – Due to the very limited time available between other weddings and events, once you have booked your wedding we ask that you limit any further visits to ONE final planning meeting onsite. It is advised to plan this visit approximately 8-12 weeks prior to your wedding date to finalise all last-minute details. All relevant online forms are required ahead of this meeting, including any music uploads or playlists required for your ceremony. For clarity purposes; all other arrangements and correspondence is better dealt with via email / client portal.
***COVID -19 Note: While the pandemic persists and advice is to limit social contact all meeting will be conducted by video/telephone.

10    SERVICE PROVIDERS – If any of your service providers such as photographers, florists, venue stylists wish to see the venue this must be arranged after your final planning meeting and must be facilitated by yourselves (as we may have other clients to see). Arrange this second meeting for approximately 1 hour after your final planning meeting starts.

11    PHOTOGRAPHS – Any photos taken during the wedding may be used by Cote How for the purposes of marketing.

12    CAPACITY – Cote How reserves the right to modify its stated guest number capacity at any time, either up or down to manage venue operations most effectively.

13    UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES – Cote How reserves the right to make alternative arrangements regarding any agreed details. Cote How will take all reasonable steps to fulfill the reservation to the best of its ability and in accordance with the details provided. However, it reserves the right to provide alternative services of at least equivalent standard at no additional costs should any unforeseen problems arise.

14    CHILDREN aged 2-10 years old are welcome at weddings; however, Cote How and its grounds are potentially hazardous. We cannot accept any liability whatsoever in the event of an accident due to children playing or running around. We respectfully ask that guardians ensure their children are fully supervised by an identifiable responsible adult(s) always. We limit the number of children to a maximum of 3. There are no discounts given for children.

15    LICENSING – In agreement to the licence granted to Cote How ‐ all doors and windows to the premises shall be kept closed after 21:00hrs. Outdoor music is limited to live acoustic only. Pre-recorded music is only available in the house or barn. Last orders at the bar and music must cease by 23:00. No wine or other beverages or food may be brought into the house or grounds by the client or guests for consumption on the premises, unless pre‐agreed by the management.

16    BAR – The bar is available, either on a cash basis at the time of purchasing drinks, or if you wish for pre-paid drinks to be served for all or part of the event, then an estimated amount shall be payable prior to the wedding as an agreed bar tab, with any final adjustments made prior to refunding the deposit post wedding.

17    SMOKING – Cote How is a non‐smoking establishment; failure to comply will result in cleaning and deodorizing with a minimum charge of £200.00 per room. A designated outside smoking area and ashtrays are provided near the barn. Failure of guests to use the ashtrays will result in a £200 charge for clearing up related litter.

18    SECURITY / HEALTH & SAFETY: It is management’s discretion to open or close certain aspects of the venue at various times of the wedding day in accordance with their use and timing. We do not allow the use of drones without prior consent. We do not allow the use of fireworks or Chinese lanterns.

19    DAMAGES – Any damage to the house or grounds by any member of the bridal party will be the responsibility of the bride and groom. This particularly includes damage to the house wooden floors by wedding guests wearing stiletto heels. Heel Stoppers MUST be worn over heels and are available to buy on the day. The establishment is not responsible for any damage, theft or loss of yours or your guests’ belongings whilst onsite. This includes wedding presents, cards, and cash.

20    HOUSE REPUTATION ‐ At the absolute and unfettered discretion of the house any function may be cancelled by Cote How even if paid in full, if the house has reasonable grounds for believing that the holding of such function would prejudice the reputation, good name, or standing of the house.

21    ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY – No other food, drink or Illegal substances may be brought into the house or grounds by the client or guests for consumption on the premises. Cote How reserves the right to evict any person attending a function who behaves abusively, unreasonably, or illegally. If at any time any illegal substances are suspected to be in use by, or in the possession of any client or guest on the premises the wedding will be immediately stopped.

22    SUBCONTRACTED WEDDING SUPPLIERS – Prior consent of Cote How must be sought for any entertainment or service contracted by the client. The client will be held responsible for any damage caused to the house, barn and grounds by themselves, a subcontractor or their guests and shall pay for such damage or loss of business caused as a result. All service providers such as hairdressers, beauticians and entertainers must provide their own PAC tested equipment and Public Liability insurance and provide you with a certificate for each before working onsite. Earliest arrival times of suppliers is 9:00am and all vehicles must be removed 30 mins before guests arrive. Cote How reserves the right to judge acceptable levels of noise or behaviour of clients, guests or representatives and the client must take all necessary action to correct. In the event of failure to comply with management requests, Cote How reserves the right to terminate the contract and stop the event without being liable for any refund or compensation.

23    OVERNIGHT GUEST ROOMS – Any bedrooms allocated and reserved will need to be paid for in full by the Bride and Groom as part of the wedding package and then counter-charged to their guests as required.

24    ACCESS TO BEDROOMS is strictly for residents only.
Cote How is not responsible for tidying any rooms used for pre-wedding dressing / preparations and ask that all residents tidy where necessary ahead of the wedding ceremony and are mindful to leave the Bridal Suite clean and tidy for the new couple. Members of the immediate bridal party who are not residents are asked to wait downstairs until the bride is ready. We will make sure the wedding guests are ushered into the ceremony room to allow meeting in the dining room ahead of the ceremony. All belongings needed for the day need to be removed from the bedrooms and stored downstairs before the wedding commences as the upstairs of the house will be locked for security reasons.
Non-resident members of the immediate bridal party are not permitted upstairs. Bridal hair and makeup can be accommodated downstairs by prior agreement at your final planning meeting.

25    PARKING: There is NO PARKING available onsite for wedding guests, suppliers, or residents during the wedding itself. RESIDENTIAL guests can park overnight after the daytime event has finished. A pay and display car park is situated 50m down the lane from the venue. We strongly advise that weddings couples organise pre-paid mini-buses to transport their guests. See Wedding Guest Information Pack for details. 

26    CONSENT – On booking and paying your booking fee of £1,000.00, the wedding couple are agreeing to these terms and conditions with Cote How as herewith outlined. Cote How reserves the right to amend or add to these terms and conditions from time to time. 

27    JURISDICTION AND THE LAW – This contract will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

Updated March 2020

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