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A Stunning Lake District Wedding Venue

Have you found a gem of a wedding venue and so want to visit?
Today we are talking about making a virtual show around a small & intimate Lake District wedding venue

We are all making changes to the way we work, and here at Cote How we are no different. We have a wonderful wedding venue right in the heart of the Lake District National Park, amid some of the UK’s most stunning scenery, and we want to be able to share it’s beauty with you.  

Whether you are just browsing or actively looking for a small & intimate lake district wedding venue, we hope that you find some joy and pleasure in browsing our virtual tours. 


Lake District Wedding Venue Virtual Tour - Introduction and Wedding Styles
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Visit Cote How and browse the Lakes from your sofa

Yes we are all currently facing unprecedented times which are challenging for all of us, and it may be hard to imagine life getting back to normal, but it will.

We are all adapting to Government guidelines of “Stay at Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives” by offering live venue show rounds via the Zoom app.

It may take some time and maybe we will all have a slightly different slant on the world we see and live in, and how we interact with each other?

Lake District Wedding Venue Virtual Tour - Stunning Cumbria Wedding Location
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Youtube Virtual Tours of Cote How

With lock-down preventing unnecessary travel it is impossible to visit wedding venues and attend meetings in person, so we have made some very short introductory videos to help you take a virtual show around a small & intimate Lake District wedding venue showcasing the different areas of our the venue to include the house, grounds, it’s stunning location and our fabulous 16th Century historic wedding barn.

These are hosted on Youtube and are split into different sections. 

You can either dip into each section by clicking on the relevant image below, this will vary depending on your own wedding style and size.

Or you can subscribe to the channel and watch the whole series here. SUBSCRIBE HERE


Lake District Wedding Venue Virtual Tour - Licensed Wedding Ceremony spaces
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Time to Plan

There will be many sad points but hopefully many positives that we can take from this time too! 

One of the better things to come out of ‘lock down’ may be that couples have more time to plan from their homes for their forthcoming weddings. Perhaps a welcome relief, time to focus on more pleasant things and plan for the future.


Lakes Weddings Virtual Tour - Elope to the Lake District
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ZOOM meetings

To enable you to continue to get on with your lives and plan for your wedding day we are now introducing a new way of hosting show rounds until restrictions are lifted.

For this you will need your phone, tablet, laptop or PC and download a free app called Zoom.
This is very versatile app for meetings as we can see each other (similar to Skype) but in addition I can share my screen and show you videos, web pages and photographs as we would in a face to face meeting and in real time.  

Take a look at it here:

Small and Intimate Lake District Wedding Venue
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Holding Your Wedding Date

We also appreciate that without a physical visit to Cote How, you may be nervous about making big decisions about choosing the right venue for you remotely. To help with this, we are offering all couples that make a new booking with us the ability to hold your date via a refundable holding fee.  This will hold your preferred date until a time when restrictions are lifted and it is safe for you to visit in person, meet us and look around Cote How.

Stunning Lake District Wedding Venue
Stunning Lake District Wedding Venue

Confirming Your Wedding Booking

Once you have met us and seen the splendour of Cote How you have the option to cancel your booking and receive a full refund of your holding fee, or complete your wedding booking. 

Book your Virtual Tour

If you have yet to start your Cote How journey, there are a few steps to making your wedding enquiry with us.

  1. Download our current Wedding Brochure

  2. Follow the links with in the brochure to request further information and pricing on your most preferred style of wedding. This will email you a second more detailed brochure with pricing.

  3. To book a show round please select this option from the foot of the second brochure pages.

  4. We will then send you a link to our diary where you book your virtual tour online.

You will find it easier on a PC as it will download PDF’s. You may also need to be in good WiFi connection as the files are large.If you have any problems with the technology please email us and we can try to help.

We look forward to meeting you! 🙂

Cote How – Nestled in the Mountains
Cote How – Nestled in the Mountains

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