Meet Sophie... Our Lake District Wedding Planning Princess


Meet Sophie - Lake District Wedding Planner

Hello, so I feel like introductions are in order: My name is Sophie, I’m 23 and have just graduated uni having studied Events Management for three years in Manchester. Aswell as events, I also have a background in Childcare, so I like to think of myself as a caring and approachable person. For as long as I can remember I have lived in and loved The Lakes, well… I’m from Kendal, so if we’re going to be pernickety then it isn’t technically in The Lakes, but I just like to brush over that fact, I’d say it’s close enough! Here is my very first blog about my journey to become the best Lake District Wedding Planner!

Lake District Wedding Venue Wedding Planner

Fast forward to now….

Caroline’s Assistant Wedding Planner! I am very excited to have been given this opportunity from Caroline and Steve, especially in the current covid-19 situation, which has turned everyone’s world upside down. Finishing uni this year over lockdown was anticlimactic, to say the least, so I can’t say I was left with a tremendous amount of hope for finding a job I’d love. However, here we are, and I can’t wait to help with the planning of your special day.

Lake District Wedding Venue Wedding Planner

How it came about

It was the middle of February when I first met Caroline as I was writing my dissertation. The topic of my dissertation was how social media impacts Lake District wedding venues. I approached Caroline to ask if I could interview her and use Cote How in my study. Weddings have always been very intriguing and exciting to me, such an uplifting event… and writing my dissertation heightened my curiosity.

Lake District Wedding Venue Wedding Planner
Drinks terrace at Cote How Lake District Weddings

My first week at Cote How

My first week at Cote How has passed in a blur as an Assistant Wedding Planner, exciting job title- I know- I feel very professional signing off my emails. It’s always a little nerve-wracking starting a new job, we all know the feeling of always worrying whether you’re being useful enough or doing it “right”. Both Caroline and Steve were very welcoming from the start, making me feel comfortable within their close-knit family business. I knew all along it would be a lovely setting, and it is evident that Caroline and Steve are the heart of the business and that their clients really appreciate them! 

Lake District Wedding Venue Wedding Planner

What a dreamy place to be a Lake District Wedding Planner

Cote How is a dreamy location to go to work, nothing is better for the brain than being surrounded by the mountains and beautiful bodies of water, literally a holiday destination. My first week entailed a bit of everything, starting on the Sunday. The first wedding I attended was held on Tuesday, so I got to be part of setting up the barn for the ceremony; it was exciting being a part of it. With it being my first wedding I was a little apprehensive as I was still getting my head around where to be and when. I was also worried about accidentally photobombing the couple’s lovely wedding photos.

Luxury Micro Barn Wedding ceremony in the Lake District

Through the week, I also helped to prepare the bedrooms for the first weekend wedding since before lockdown, which felt like a positive step in the right direction. I also spent time making wedding schedules and was getting to grips with the computer systems, which is just one of those things that is a little confusing until you get the hang of it. Steve gave me a tour around the gardens, and wow there is a lot of it, it is such a lovely location. The bar in the barn is home to the most colourful gin collection, very aesthetically pleasing. It’s a good job that I’m a gin lover! Can you tell which is Caroline’s favourite brand of gin?

Lake District Wedding Venue Wedding Planner

Whats to come

I am excited to keep learning and getting to grips with what needs to be done and everything becoming more second nature to me. Part of this will no doubt be getting involved with lots more weddings over the coming weeks and months. So i feel it only fair that l keep you updated on my journey as an Assistant Lake District Wedding Planner.  

One of my passions is wild swimming so I’ll leave you on this lovely picture of Rydal Water that I took when i went for a swim after work – I am very lucky to work in such a beautiful location. 
… Anyone for a swim???

Lake District Wedding Venue Wedding Planner

Suppliers Links:

Photography by: Sophie and Caroline
Venue Styling By: Caroline@CoteHow (assisted by me)

if you have enjoyed this blog, that’s great, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.
Watch this space for more – As I plan to share my Lake District Wedding Planning journey with you each month!
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