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Use Zoom to feel like you're in the room

Over lockdown number one, people combated isolation and were brought closer together with their loved ones via the power of zoom – even if those loved ones were miles away. Everything from zoom quizzes to virtual workplace drinks opened our eyes and our attitudes to just how much can be done from home, so how about a virtual wedding? The time in lockdown and stricter government measures also made everyone realise how good it feels to have those you love closer to you.

We’re not suggesting having your whole wedding over zoom. More just the important bits, like the wedding ceremony and maybe even the speeches. It’s a great way to include those guests that didn’t make the last cut. We’re talking about discovering ways to re-invite those “uninvited” once more, but this time to your virtual wedding!
This is also great for those still shielding, worried about travelling, or banned from travel, say from abroad.

Cote How Wedding Team getting ready for virtual wedding
Cote How Wedding Team getting ready for virtual wedding

reduce the disappointment with a virtual wedding...

The Coronavirus pandemic has made wedding planning extremely challenging for everyone. From wedding suppliers, wedding couples and their guests, we have all had to find a way to quickly adapt. One of the biggest challenges has been the constant changing of the geust numbers, sometimes at very short notice to meet the ever changing government guidance. Faced with difficult decisions on who to cut from the guest list, this blog is about how you can reduce that disappointment and include those excluded guests, with a virtual wedding ceremony.

Back in March You might have been hoping for the restrictions to have been lifted so you could invite the whole family. However, March turned into July and then July to October and now we are nearing Christmas and still only allowed 15 people. Unless you’re one of the people trying to sneak away and avoid your family then this is a problem for you. As with everything over the last 9 months we’re here to make the most out of the situation and make your day as special as possible.

Small Lake District Covid Safe Wedding Venue
Cote How by Jo Greenfield

You don't need to be a tech wizard to host a virtual wedding...

Planning a small wedding presents numerous challenges (see our small wedding blog) but incorporating zoom into your day and having a virtual wedding ceremony sidesteps a lot of these and puts smiles on lots of faces. You don’t need to be a tech wizard, it only takes a few simple steps to set up a virtual wedding;

Hand Sanitize at your Covid Wedding
Wedding guest using hand sanitiser - By Jo Greenfield
  1. Before the wedding day a virtual call is set up for each guest who will be attending virtually. They all receive a link to the call.
  2. The call starts 10 minutes before the ceremony as guests are making their way to the ceremony room. This gives you chance to make sure everything is working for the virtual wedding guests.
  3. The recording device is placed with prime view, using a tripod ensures no wobbly video for those back home.
Video Calling your uninvited wedding guests on zoom
Tripod in place for the virtual wedding guests

4. It is a good idea to mute the virtual wedding guests whilst the ceremony is taking place.  This means you’ll avoid distractions from their homes like dogs barking or babies crying. You’ll want them to hear the lovely music you chose, don’t forget how important music is to set the mood (see our blog on 10 reasons why music is so important).
5. It is a nice touch to unmute everyone at the end so the couple can hear everyone cheering and clapping near or far.
6. At the end of the ceremony the couple can take a moment to say hi to all their virtual guests.

Zoom Calling your wedding guests after your wedding ceremony
Brides talking to their virtual wedding guests after the ceremony - By Jo Greenfield

Voilà- This way everyone can enjoy the ceremony from the comfort of their own sofa!

You don’t necessarily have to stop at the ceremony, virtual wedding guests can be included in the toasts and speeches – this may need a separate zoom call.

Family Wedding Zoom calling absent guests
Family bubble watching a virtual best mans speech

This has become such a great addition to weddings, and will be utilised when Covid is a distant memory. It opens up possibilities for friends or family who live afar or if someone is too ill to attend, they still get to celebrate with you.


Your Guests Will Still Feel Included


If this has had to be a last minute change of plan encourage your guests to still wear that dress or suit they bought to attend your small wedding. Ask them to wear it with pride in their living room with a glass of prosecco in hand and still be part of the day. It is almost as if they are there in person.

Two Brides in Rydal Walking after their wedding at Cote How
Two brides walking in Rydal after their Lake District small wedding at Cote How - By Jo Greenfield

So, as with many problems in lockdown, we’re working around it to find the best way forward. As we’ve learnt over the last 9 months there might just be some unexpected benefits!

If you are facing the prospect of having to trim your guest numbers and re-plan your wedding, you may find our blog about How to Plan the Perfect Small Wedding really useful. 


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