How to choose your Perfect wedding cake

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Your wedding cake is more than just a cake!

Your wedding cake is an iconic statement piece on your wedding day, and in addition to it being a delicious and tasty treat for you and your wedding guests, it also plays a huge part in wedding traditions and symbolism… It is a work of art that creates a lasting memory in its pride of place from and centre in your wedding photographs. The traditional “cutting of the wedding cake” being a showpiece, not to be missed… But Don’t take the knife out… That’s said to bestow bad luck! A little more about that later…

Keeping the love local...

At Cote How we’re all about local and are keen to support local small businesses wherever possible. As a small exclusive wedding venue, we love working with passionate owner-operator artisan businesses who offer quality customer service, flexibility and a fabulous smile…
Our cakes are made in Grasmere and delivered fresh the morning of your wedding, so you don’t need to worry about transporting it!

All-Inclusive wedding flowers and wedding cake

Choosing Your wedding cake flavours

When choosing a cake flavour we love the classic combinations. 

Our wonderful wedding cake flavours are:

  • Lemon Cake with lemon curd filling
  • Lemon and Blueberry
  • White Chocolate and Raspberry
  • Orange and Raspberry
  • Vanilla and strawberry
  • Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling. 

Don’t they all sound absolutely delightful? They sound delicious yet elegant and special. 

Cote how All-Inclusive Packages

Our Six-hour and weekend “All-Inclusive” options have a wedding cake included as part of your package.

This includes the semi-naked wedding cake style featured below, which is essentially when buttercream is scraped off so you can see the cake through the icing. I think this style of cake particularly goes with Cote How as a venue and sits perfectly with the rustic and romantic feel of the barn. If a semi-naked cake isn’t your first choice and you prefer a bit more icing, you can have your cake fully covered in buttercream.

Choosing your wedding cake size

At Cote How we specialise in small intimate weddings and we offer two sizes which depend on your guest list or the size of your appetite!
Generally speaking, it will be a single tier cake for up to 16 servings or a 2 tier cake for up to 24 servings.
If you would prefer an additional tier, please let us know and we can arrange this for an additional charge. (You can take this away with you as it keeps for up to 5 days)
Gluten-free and vegan cakes are not available as they are made in a non-allergen-free kitchen.

Being sure you've picked the best flavour

When choosing your cake flavour, go for something that you think will appeal to most of your guests, you don’t want any of your gorgeous cake going to waste. Saying that, be selfish and make sure it’s your favourite too! It’s your day and you’ll only be picking your wedding cake flavour once. 

At Cote How we have the option of serving your cake as your third course, this is great because it means your cake gets eaten and thoroughly enjoyed. If you do choose to do this.
To serve your cake we can always add to it for your dessert. Please ask if you would like it serving with additional fresh fruit and cream for an additional small charge. 

Writing this blog is really making me wish I had a slice of cake in front of me right now, I hope it’s done the same for you and given you some ideas and inspiration about your cake options when booking your wedding at Cote How.

Chocolate fudge naked wedding cake for small family wedding
Semi Naked Cake - Inside Cote How Barn

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Photos by: Tiree Dawson

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