Easy Ways to Green up Your Wedding with Biodegradable Petal Confetti

easy ways to green up your wedding with biodegradable petal confetti

Biodegradable Confetti - 3.2.1 throw...

Petal confetti may well be one of the things you can easily forget to organise when planning your wedding day. It probably seems quite an insignificant detail. However, here at Cote How we love eco-friendly petal confetti! The precise throwing of petal confetti has engineered some of the most incredible wedding shots we have seen at the right moment.  

Photo by Jenna Carpenter
Photo by Emma Billsborough

why confetti?

Whether you’re having an elopement or an all-inclusive day wedding, confetti is a beautiful way to add more diversity to your wedding photo catalogue – your guests are sure to be wowed! With a great throw and excellent quality petal confetti, you can create some fantastic photos to cherish forever. Here at Cote How we have many unique spaces for the perfect confetti throw. Whether you want that moment to be straight after your ceremony, outside our beautiful barn, heading up the hill back to the main house or outside our iconic front porch. The choice is yours! Wherever you decide to have your moment, we will be waiting at the end with a big smile and a glass of fizz to toast your marriage!

Wedding Couple enjoying a petal confetti shower
Photo by Steve Hillman

petal confetti is so important

We always use and encourage natural, eco-friendly petal confetti. Firstly, it looks stunning in photos! The bright natural colours pop as the light hits them. Petal confetti is usually much smaller and comes in various sizes, which won’t stain your dress should the actual Lake District weather come into force. Secondly, it’s biodegradable, and our priority as green champions is to ensure that our petal confetti is not damaging to the environment or the natural habitat of some wildlife in and around our venue. 

Photo by Shropshire Petal Company

the best supplier

We recommend and use the Shropshire Petal Company. Not only do we love their petal confetti but also their ethos too. As mentioned on their website, “during the growing process, our flower field provides a stunning haven for wildlife during the Summertime. We want to highlight the importance of bees and take on the exciting challenge of creating a picture of a bee with flowers on our flower field. We created it from cornflowers, which bees love!” 

Photo by Shropshire Petal Company

petal confetti is so important

Not only can you use dried flowers for your petal confetti, but what about using them for your bouquet, buttonhole, or flower crown? Why not get creative and make your bouquet or flower crown?! YouTube offers some great tutorials on making them. You could even support your local florist by directly purchasing dried flowers from them, another eco-friendly step towards a greener wedding. Not only will you have the most beautifully scented keepsake, but you will also play your part in making your wedding day more environmentally friendly and sustainable. 

Photo by Jo Bradbury


With all of this in mind, we want to make your confetti planning as smooth as possible and are delighted to have teamed up with www.shropshirepetals.com to provide you with a selection of petal confetti options, all approved by our green champion, Dan. If you want a completely stress-free confetti experience, we can organise it for you, and the choice of colours is endless! But in our opinion pink and blue are the best colours for that perfect throw. They will stand out brilliantly in your photographs and complement any colours incorporated into your outfits. Alternatively, you can purchase your confetti from Shropshire Petals directly to personalise the mixes and cones and add your names! Take advantage of our discount code COTEHOW10 with any £50.00+ spend, giving you a 10% discount – how good is that! 

Photo by Shropshire Petal Company

Thank you to Shropshire Petals for some of the beautiful photos.

If you would like to order some environmentally friendly petal confetti, click on the button below. And don’t forget to use our discount code COTEHOW10 if you spend £50 or more to get 10% off your order!


Photo by Shropshire Petal Company

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