How to Plan a christmas proposal

How to plan the perfect christmas proposal

A christmas miracle: the art of proposing at christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread festive cheer than with a Christmas marriage proposal? In this light-hearted blog, we’ll explore Christmas proposals that capture the spirit of love and celebration, for all you lovers of the holiday season.

A lakeland farmhouse covered in snow sits in a snowy landscape
A winter wonderland is the perfect backdrop

Choose the perfect setting

The first step in planning a Christmas proposal is choosing the perfect setting. Whether it’s under the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree, in front of a crackling fireplace, or amidst a snowy landscape, choose a location that has significance for you both. Wrap up warm and take a romantic winter stroll, leading to a beautifully decorated gazebo or a picturesque picnic spot. If planning isn’t your strength, or you have a hectic schedule, enlist the help of a venue to plan the ultimate romantic weekend away with a proposal package.

A pair of wedding rings next to a festive bouquet of flowers
A beautiful festive bouquet is a romantic touch

Ring in the season

Simple is often the most effective. Enhance the festive atmosphere by bringing traditional Christmas decorations into your proposal. Hang a personalised bauble that holds the engagement ring from the tree, or sneak the ring box into the toe of a Christmas stocking. Pull a bespoke cracker after a romantic dinner, to reveal a proposal message rather than the traditional joke. If you want a grand gesture, propose during a candlelit carol service or lantern parade. Perhaps visit a beautiful light show in a stately home with stunning gardens. Choose your moment to reveal the engagement ring and ask the most important question of your life. The public setting will add extra drama!

A tray with glasses of champagne and a festive bauble
Celebrate your exciting news with loved ones

involve family and friends

Christmas is often a time when families come together. Why not involve close family and friends to witness and celebrate your big moment as your intended unwraps a very special gift? Plan a small festive gathering or if separated by distance from loved ones, set up a video call and make it the ultimate joyous occasion when you pop the question on screen! Their presence will add an extra layer of warmth and support to your festive proposal, and unite everyone in your shared happiness.

Beautiful handmade gold wedding bands on quartz stone
A treasure hunt with the ultimate prize!

create a treasure hunt

Add an element of surprise by organising a Christmas-themed treasure hunt for the two of you, or the whole family. Each clue might relate to a special memory or spell out a word, building anticipation as your partner follows the trail. The final clue can lead to you, down on one knee! Get creative and have fun – it doesn’t need to be a work of art, just unique to the two of you. It can be a lovely family experience.

capture the moment

Hire a photographer or enlist a friend to discreetly capture the proposal. Having professional photos of this magical moment will allow you to relive the joy and excitement for years to come. Turn the photos into your Christmas card or notes to announce your engagement to friends and family.

A humourous card announces a couples festive engagement
Spread Christmas cheer with your happy news

santa's little helper

If you and your partner have young children, why not call in a favour from the big man himself and arrange a visit with Santa? After your little ones have shared what’s on their list, tell Santa that you would like a fiance for Christmas and ask if he can help. He may have just the thing in his sack! The unexpected twist will make the moment both magical and humorous for all the family, creating a Christmas proposal story that will be forever re-told.

A little girl wears a white fur cape and holds a white teddy at a wedding
Children adore being part of a special occasion

christmas eve countdown

Create a countdown to Christmas Eve with a personal advent calendar, each day revealing a clue or small gift that signifies a special moment in your relationship. If you’re not creative, simply adapt a ready-made advent calendar, with the ‘double doors’ on Christmas Eve revealing the ultimate surprise!

Proposing during Christmas adds an extra layer of enchantment for those who already find it a magical season. But if it’s a particularly stressful time of year for your loved one, there’s always Boxing Day or New Year’s Eve! So happy planning, and may your holiday season be filled with love, joy, and the promise of a beautiful future together!

A newly engaged couple embrace
They said YES!


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