10 Reasons to have a Lake District Christmas Wedding

10 Reasons to have a Lake district CHRISTMAS wedding

So how about a Christmas wedding?

I’m a big lover of the festive season and the lead up to Christmas, the chilly mornings when cosied up indoors, a roaring fire and a large mug of mulled wine in the evening- perfect! I’m almost certain most people feel the same and also love aspects winter. A festive Christmas wedding is so romantic and can be a little bit more unique than a summer wedding. 

In this blog hopefully you’ll get some inspiration and ideas as to why a Christmas wedding might make the perfect day for you. There is no right time of year to get married- it’s all down to you and it just depends what kind of day you are looking for and what your favourite season is, maybe its winter? 

By Jo Greenfield

1. Think of all the wonderful Winter Warmers

Picture this you arrive at your venue presented with a glass of mulled wine, or a baileys hot choc this will immediately make you feel festive! You could even go all out with the festivities and incorporate it into your food choices – such as Christmas dinner and mince pies. 

By Jo Greenfield

2. You can go wild with winter accessories

Whether you’re having an elopement or a large winter wedding, a lovely winter shawl or elegant long-sleeved dress is perfect to make you feel like you’ve just stepped into a winter wonderland. If you’re having bridesmaids, they could also have winter accessories like a shawl. In the Lake District, it is always a good idea to have wellies as one of your most important accessories, this means the weather won’t stop you getting those gorgeous wedding shots. 

By Simon Hughes
Couple in theTudor Porch at Wedding Venue
By Jo Greenfield

3. a dreamy winter colour palette for your christmas wedding

Choose some gorgeous colours for your accessories and flowers there are lots of beautiful reds, burgundy’s, deep plums and greens for a winter and festive feel.  

By Jo Greenfield

4. Decorative additions to your Christmas wedding

To carry on the festive theme throughout the day there are lots of little additions you can think about. Frosted pinecones could be used as your place names, you could have candles of different shapes, sizes and colours around the reception room and for your meal. 

By Jo Greenfield

5. Your Christmas wedding will be Incredibly cosy

In winter everyone likes to be cosy, imagine that roaring fire and all those twinkling candles making the room look extra special. Dim candlelit lighting is also super romantic so as long as you get some day light for your pictures there is no need to worry about it going dark early. 

By Jo Greenfield

6. You’ll be prepared whatever the weather

It will be a magical day either way, rain or shine. Prepare for the rain and snow by bringing your wellies! It will be reassuring to know the rain will not change the run of your day as you will have picked a venue with a lovely interior and excited to spend your time there. You also won’t be sweating in your best clothes under the blaring sun which is definitely a positive! 

By Simon Hughes

7. christmas weddings are amass with festive trimmings

A Christmas wedding is generally the most sought after style of winter wedding as all the gorgeous venues are ready decorated with greenery and twinkling fairylights. It is easy to match into this theme with your flowers and colour themes, and your venue will no doubt be brimming with festive trimmings. Most venues are decorated for the whole of December so there is generally plenty of opportunity for December dates. Early December also means that guest accommodation is less in demand, the Lake District is generally quieter with much more choice when it comes to activities, restaurants and wedidng suppliers.  

8. you can still make the most of some outside spaces

Any excuse to be cuddled up with blankets in the gazebo watching the world go by. This means you can still embrace the outdoors without being completely out in the open and with a bit of shelter and warmth. 

By Jo Greenfield

9. A christmas wedding is something a little different

A winter wedding has chance to be quirky and personal, maybe appealing more to a small cosy family wedding. 

By Simon Hughes

10. a ready made theme with a christmas wedding

If you love Christmas time then maybe a festive wedding is perfect for you! Christmas tree up, decorations around the venue, you could have festive food and have a Christmas dinner for your meal. It is fabulous to see all of our couples dressed in the festive spirit too.

By Simon Hughes

I hope this has inspired you as to why a Christmas wedding might be perfect! If you have enjoyed reading this post, thank you. Please give it a share and add a comment, I would love to hear from you.

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Photographers: Simon Hughes and Jo Greenfield

Flowers: LilyLous Ambleside

Make-up: The make-up pictured in the last photo was done by Amy Brown


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