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Real Weddings at Cote How

Nothing  gives a better idea of a venue than the real life weddings that take place there. We have worked with a large range of great and professional photographers who have kindly shared some of there images with us. Please take a look at these photographs which link back to the photographer that took them. You can assess their style and make enquiries with them directly if you would like to use their services for your wedding. 

Choosing a photographer is a very important and personal decision. Each photographer has their own style and way of working, and each couple I speak to has their own preferred style too. So please check out lots of options before narrowing down your decision. If possible speak to them or even meet them ahead of making your final decision. There are some handt tips in this blog

All of these photographers have worked at Cote How as you can see from their work. They are all professional, hard working and artistic, and have had great reviews from my clients, and are those I would not hesitate to work with again. If you have a photographer in mind but they are not featured here, then it may be that I have not met them yet! 😉 Caroline  

Simon Hughes

We first met Simon in 2017 and he has photographed many weddings here since. Based in North Lakes Simon is a proper gent and a joy to work with. 

Take a look at his website here where he has kindly collated the weddings he has shot here at Cote How, so you can see a variety of weddings and styles throughout the seasons.

Real Wedding Photographs at Cote How Lake District Weddings by Simon Hughes


Tom McNally

We have only recently met tom (Aug 2019) – He is a great guy, easy going and his pictures speak for themselves.
Based in north Cumbria Tom has mainly focused on outdoor photography and has some brilliant work on his website.

Real Wedding Photographs at Cote How Lake District Weddings by Tom McNally
Wedding breakfast in the barn

Rachel Joyce

Rachel has done a few weddings since 2014 and is lovely to work with. She is based in Lancashire and has a unique style.

PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM – from Victoria and David’s May wedding (based on our All-Inclusive Weekend Barn Wedding)  

PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM – from Claire and Caroline’s September wedding  (based on our small afternoon tea wedding)  

Real Wedding Photography at Cote How by Rachel Joyce

Jo Bradbury

We first met Jo on a photo shoot here way back in 2013. Jo was born in Ulverston and lives in Manchester and covers weddings all over the Lake District.
She is a very quiet and mild manner lady with a deft touch and quick eye. She has a dreamy vintage look to her work and loves working in the evening sun, as she uses back lit photography as her style.
take a look at some of her weddings here at Cote how…

PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM – from Alison and Lee’s Mumford and Son Style Wedding July Wedding (based on our All-Inclusive Intimate Weekend Wedding)  

PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM – from Caroline and Simon’s May Wedding (based on our All-Inclusive Intimate Weekend Wedding)  

Real Wedding at Cote How by Jo Bradbury

Derwent Photography

Steve Yates has been photographing here at Cote How since 2015. A great photographer with a varied style. He quietly snaps away and his candid style captures amazing moments of laughter and love. He like many photographers here just love the flower meadow and the lake side and makes the most of our wonderful landscape and big skies! 

VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS  – from Louise and Darren’s August Wedding (Based on our All-Inclusive Weekend Humanist Wedding)


Real Weddings at Cote How by Derwent Photography

Tiree Dawson

We first met Tiree in 2015 and were so impressed by her gentle nature and swift silent captures. She is based in Windermere and has a love of natural shot especially lovely skies!
She has a very artistic eye and likes to capture very quirky shots in addition to all the fabbie reportage and traditional shots!  

PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM – from David and Amy’s April Barn Wedding (based on our All-Inclusive Outdoor Weekend Wedding) 

Newly Married wedding in wedding barn
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