have you got a marriage proposal on your mind?

This year our engagement season is nearly upon us and is set to be bigger than ever. To say the least, we’ve all had a bit of a meh year but 2021 is definitely going to be better. Are you reading this because maybe you’re thinking of proposing and looking for some ideas, or perhaps you already have your marriage proposal all planned out? Deciding how to propose is tricky, it’s not something everyone has done before, and it isn’t something you generally see happen, which makes it hard to know where to start. Hopefully, this is where this blog will be helpful as we can run through some ideas which we think will definitely get you the answer you’re looking for!  

By Simon Hughes

1. Think about their favourite place, the place you are happiest as a couple.

Often people who get married at Cote How already have a personal connection with the area. Maybe they got engaged next to Rydal Water, in the caves or up Loughrigg fell! This is nice and personal, not everyone wants to make a song and dance of their marriage proposal- some people would prefer it was more private.  


2. Do you have favourite walk?

Maybe you have a special mountain walk that you do together, or just somewhere with an insane view. It is nice to have a meaningful place that you’ll be able to go back to and remember that elated feeling you got from your marriage proposal and they said YES.   

On one knee proposal on Loughrigg

3. You could mix things up a bit from a typical marriage proposal with a scavenger hunt.

This could be as low key or as extravagant as you like. It is fun, exciting, intriguing and just a little bit different. It could be done around your house but could also be done around the local area around some spots that mean a lot to you both and maybe even leading to a favourite location where you get down on one knee.  

By Simon Hughes

4. Why don’t you recreate your first date, the perfect setting for a marriage proposal!

Go back to where it all started, this is romantic and evokes feelings related to those memories. Hopefully, that restaurant you went to together on your first date is still as you remembered, and you can go back and relive the moment.  


5. Do you both share a loveable pet; you should involve them when popping the question!

You could bring your dog in for assistance. All you’d have to do is make them a little sign to go around their neck saying “marry me?”, your partners heart will melt!


6. Why don’t you plan to do some baking together?

You could get some candles lit and some good music on and write “marry me?” in the white flour on the kitchen worktop… or on top of your favourite food like on a pizza!  

7. how about a NYE marriage proposal

If you pop the question after 3…2…1 and the clock strikes 12 and start your new year with a bang. 

By Simon Hughes

8. You could make a video of all your happy times...

Whats better than a trip down memory lane to reminisce and then add in a recording on the end of you popping the question!


Are you both wild about Christmas? Then maybe a festive marriage proposal is the thing to do?

9. Christmas pudding cake charm (maybe don't use to real ring)

A slight twist on the wedding cake charm tradition, if you don’t know what a wedding cake charm is you can find out more in our Stunning Wedding Cakes blog. The reason it would be better in the form of a cake charm is so you don’t go loosing the ring inside your Christmas pud! 

Wedding Cake charms on pretty ribbons

10. why dont you have abit of fun with a chritmas cracker or do you marriage proposal while decorating the tree

Christmas is an exciting time to propose, and Winter Weddings are also very popular. Why not put the ring in a Christmas cracker or have it written on a bauble for when you’re decorating the tree together.  


Here are a few more ideas if you’re still stuck…

Does your partner spend their life listening to the radio? Maybe whilst they’re cooking or driving to and from work. You could get a Radio DJ to do it for you, and you’d have to make sure they didn’t miss it!   

Why not take them to their favourite concert: maybe you’re going to see your favourite artist at a gig (post corona times), you might be able to arrange there being a mention on stage… maybe a large concert is a bit ambitious but always worth a shot. This is for someone who would enjoy an audience to their proposal.  

Are you going somewhere exciting, on a destination holiday? maybe there could be an announcement on your flight. Are you going somewhere magical, maybe somewhere you’ve been dreaming of for a while like New York at Christmas, then this would be an exciting, memorable time to ask and could still be a private proposal if you’re not one for a crowd   

Sparklers in the night sky: write ‘Marry me?’ with sparklers in the dark and capture on video  

For the quiz master: If your partner likes a good puzzle, you could create a crossword so that the answers to the questions will ask your all-important question.  


Why not get a photographer to capture the magical marriage proposal?

Some people choose to have a photographer at their proposal. Have you thought about capturing the moment by hiring a photographer? Simon Hughes and Jo Greenfield are just two of many fabulous photographers who love to help couples capture that memorable and exciting moment.  

By Simon Hughes

Nervous about choosing a ring?

Did you know you can get a sample ring just for the purpose of proposing… before you get your real engagement ring. This is worth considering as it means your partner can choose their ring and get the ring the right size which is obviously ideal!

I hope that one of those ideas have sparked your imagination, and you now have the perfect proposal plan in place! I’m sure whatever you do, it’ll be fantastic and just enjoy the moment!


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Photographer: Simon Hughes

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