Small but oh so stylish Weddings...

All of our weddings are considered small and intimate, so this can get a little confusing.
If I explain it as the Intimate weddings are for a maximum of 12 people including the two of you, then small weddings still have a close circle of family and friends, all the elements of a larger more traditional wedding but for 24 to 32 guests.

We can offer these wedding either midweek or weekends.
The weekends include accommodation for up to 6 adults and therefore attract a higher premium.

The midweek small wedding was created to be able to offer all the elements of our larger weddings without the expense of extended time and accommodation. It is perfectly suited to those who might travel and take a week's holiday let locally and pop in here midweek to get married as part of their holiday. This allows the wedding of your dreams at a realistic price where you will feel your value for money is being maximised.

This style of wedding includes your intimate wedding ceremony followed by an optional toast and possibly a bite to eat.
The style of food you choose will then determine the amount of time we require to deliver that wedding and therefore we have outlined a few options: