Five easy steps to planning your short notice Wedding



Planning a short-notice wedding doesn’t have to be stressful. Here in this blog, we will share with you our five easy steps on how you can make the whole process quick and easy and how planning your last-minute wedding can be fun and exciting.

1. Find the right SHORT NOTICE WEDDING venue

When looking for the right short-notice wedding venue, always start with location; you may have a favourite place or are regular visitors to a holiday destination like the Lake District. Finding a venue somewhere you know, love and hold happy memories can make your day all the more special. A quick search for ‘short notice’ or ‘late availability weddings in the Lake District’ will give results for all the venues out there with last-minute availability. This can also save time, eliminating the hassle of contacting many venues and filling in endless enquiry forms. Ask the venue to hold the date for you whilst you contact the registrars.

Kendal Registrars arriving to perform a legal wedding ceremony

2. booking the registrars

Once you have found your perfect venue, it’s time to book the registrars. When planning a short-notice wedding, it’s always best to pick up the phone and call the registrars. Your venue should be happy to provide you with the local registry office’s contact details. Once you have the times confirmed by the registrar, let the venue know, and they will issue your wedding confirmation.  You can then send this on to the registrars so they can confirm the booking at their end. The whole process could quickly be done in just a couple of hours!

3. Notice to marry

Now that you have the venue and registrars confirmed, you need to ‘give your notice’ to marry. To ‘give notice’ means to sign a legal statement at your local register office stating your intention to marry or enter into a civil partnership. Specific documents will be requested from you, so it’s beneficial to read up on what’s required before you go. You will need a minimum of 29 days between giving noticeto marry and your wedding date. For example, if you give notice on 1st May you can then marry on the 30th May. 


4. wedding suppliers

After you have arranged your ‘notice to marry’, you can start to think about other things. You may want to arrange a photographer, flowers, transport or hair and beauty for your special day. Start with your venue; chances are they will have a great suppliers list they can share with you. 

Wedding Couple who just eloped to the Lake District

5. Have fun planning your last minute wedding!

Let the fun begin! You are getting married after all, so enjoy the planning journey. Instagram and Pinterest offer lovely inspiration for short-notice and last-minute wedding ideas, and you can’t go wrong with a high street wedding dress! Ask your venue for any help, tips or advice; it should all come as part of their wedding planning service…

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enjoy YOUR WEDDING day

There could be many reasons you have decided to marry at short notice, but whatever the reason, it can still be easily achieved and fun to plan.

A wedding party play outdoor games as the sun begins to set

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