An amazing real wedding For Two…Plus Two!

Wedding for two!

An amazing real May Micro wedding!

real wedding diary - Ronnie & Nicky May 2024

They say that members of your family are not always born under the same roof, and those of us who have been blessed with amazing friends would agree. Last week, we celebrated a special Loved Ones micro for Ronnie, Nicky, and their best friends Julie and Ian. It was a magical day for two (plus two), celebrating the best of love, the best of friends, and having the best of times. Have a peek into our Real Wedding Diary, and share the joy…

A bridal bouquet of meadow and hedgerow flowers in blue, yellow and white lies on a wrought iron bench

Arrive in style

Despite a cool breeze, it was a beautiful May morning. After a leisurely start in their hotel, Nicky and Julie arrived looking effortlessly chic in a chauffeur-driven Landrover. During a little tour of the Ceremony room, Nicky’s gorgeous flowers arrived – one of our favourite moments of any wedding day! Chosen to compliment Nicky’s passion for nature, her flowers were wild and natural, with cornflowers, daisies and thistles reminiscent of summer meadows and hedgerows. 

A groom and his best man arrive in a chauffeur driven black Landrover
Arriving in style in a chauffeur driven Landrover
A lakeland wedding barn venue near Rydal Water
Cote How Wedding Venue, Rydal Water
A bride wears an embroidered gown in dusky blue tulle
Nicky's beautiful dusky blue embroidered gown
A groom and his best man relax on the terrace of a lake district wedding venue

best friends make good times even better

We whisked the ladies up to our Beauty Suite, along with the fabulous Rachel Joyce, their photographer. Nicky unpacked her stunning dusky blue gown and Julie’s elegant silver dress. The fizz flowed and the two friends shared a special hour, filled with laughter and regaling us with stories and shared memories. There was more than a frisson of excitement when the sleek, black Defender reappeared on the terrace below, carrying Ronnie and Ian!

A groom in a pin-striped suit has a button hole attached to his lapel
A groom and his best man enjoy a pre-ceremony toast outside the porch of a Lakeland house

suited and booted...and perfectly 'groomed'

Made famous by iconic names like Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra, Ronnie and Ian’s suits looked dapper and distinguished, with a dash of Hollywood sophistication. They enjoyed a toast to good friends and good times, and nibbles on the house terrace in the beautiful early summer sunshine. The gardens are so lovely in May, with bursts of colour from purple rhododendrons, crimson acers, and bright yellow laburnum. Relaxing in the garden is the perfect balm to soothe any pre-ceremony nerves! 

A bride and groom ring vintage brass bells during their wedding ceremony
Ronnie & Nicky 'exchanging rings' with vintage brass bells

chiming bells to ring in a new life together

Ringing bells has long been associated with weddings. Hundreds of years ago, guests in Ireland brought bells to barns and cottages to wish couples good luck and prosperity. Ronnie and Nicky have shared a lifetime together and chose not to exchange wedding rings. Instead, they brought vintage brass bells (and family heirlooms) in a beautiful ceremonial box. These were rung during their promises – an original and heartwarming touch that had everyone smiling! We love our intimate Loved Ones package as the ceremonies are always so personal and all about connections with close friends and family. A wedding for two…plus two, is a delightful number.

A bride and groom sign the register with their two best friends as witnesses

when your heart is in the country

Ronnie and Nicky have been coming to the Lakes for many years, and it holds a special place in their heart. Ronnie loves to scale the peaks, and Nicky delights in the energy and spirit of the landscape. Nicky swapped out her towering heels for trainers, as she and Ronnie headed off to the lakeshore. Her ethereal dress was perfect for romantic outdoor wedding portraits in the woodland and meadow below Cote How (and a paddle in the lake!) Ian and Julie were great company, chatting over a glass of bubbly on the barn terrace until the happy couple returned.

A bride and groom sit in the long grass of a summer meadow in the lake district
A bride and groom share a kiss on the shores of Rydal Water
A bride and groom walk hand in hand through the meadow to Cote How

friends are the family you choose

Oprah Winfrey once said, “Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.” This quote perfectly sums up the great friendship these two fantastic couples share. They met over their garden fence more than two decades ago, and have shared life’s ups and downs ever since. And after a wonderful day of champagne and celebration…they hopped on the bus into town. We waved them off over the footbridge across the river, to many more shared adventures ahead. What a brilliant day – and we can’t wait to hear all about the surprise honeymoon destination!

A bride and groom stand on a footbridge over river along with their two best friends
A bride and groom walk through a meadow with the best man and maid of honour

thank you...

Many thanks to the lovely Ronnie & Nicky for sharing their gorgeous experience of eloping with their closest friends. They were all fabulous company!

You can find out more about our ‘Loved Ones’ package here.

A special thank you to our wonderful in-house photographer Rachel Joyce for these amazing wedding portraits. If you would like to know more about how to hold a wedding ceremony or a civil partnership in the Lake District, contact Westmorland and Furness Registry Office. 

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Bride and Groom enjoying their post ceremony celebrations with their best friends at Cote How under the Laburnum tree in full yellow bloom.

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