Love comes late - boom in marriages for over 50's

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You are never too old for Love

Divorce rates are falling in every demographic apart from the 50-plus group. Getting through a divorce or the loss of a loved one is without doubt a most traumatic time. But once the upheaval and upset has settled there is hope for us all and love is never too far from the horizon, and it is never too late to get married, as we will see…

Older people are getting divorced and remarried in greater numbers

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) from a total of 239,000 marriages in 2015, 84% of the over 50’s had been married before (divorced or widowed) compared to only 16% of the under 50’s. 

Brides Status on Marriage in 2015
Hydrangeas and Rudbeckia

Socially, Financially and Technically Aware

With less stigma to divorce and remarriage, older couples are becoming more confident in searching for happiness. TV, magazines, blogs, social media and lifestyle gurus all making their mark with their social commentary having an impact. Our “Silver Surfers”, now more internet savvy, are honing their skills to research, shop and even internet date.

Remarriage leads to happier lives

An ONS study measuring National Well-being in older people reported that one in five (20 per cent) of those aged 52 and over who lived on their own reported being lonely often, and an additional two in five (39 per cent) reported being lonely some of the time. This indicates that marital status has a significant bearing on our feelings of loneliness. Those in relationships feeling less lonely than those separated, divorced or widowed.

Just Married - Mature Bride and Groom at the Lake Edge of Rydal Water
Photo by Simon Hughes

Marital Status has a significant impact on happiness

Loneliness among those having already had a relationship is significantly higher than those who have always been single or never married. This may be a reason why more older people are now actively looking for love than in the past. Changes in social behaviour now see less older people remaining single following a marriage breakup or death of a spouse.

Mature Wedding Couple standing in Flower Meadow at Rydal Water after eloping to the Lake District
Over 50 and Just Married!

Second Time Around Weddings

Older generations are now living and working longer, are more financially independent, and able to make wider and more informed choices based around their desires rather than their restraints.

Not time rich, our second timers won’t beat about the bush. Their priorities tend be different to their younger counterparts. They can easily prioritise, appreciate quality and service and more importantly are able to trust in others. They are confident in each other and know exactly what they want and don’t want on their wedding day.

Elopement Wedding at Cote How – Second Time Around Wedding
Elopement Wedding at Cote How with us as witnesses

Less is More

As life’s experiences help tweak our expectations, and as we Ten reasons to Elopemellow with age, we tend to adopt far different priorities. Discerning older couples are still looking to celebrate their weddings in style, with quality service and attention to detail but without the fuss or pantomime. Gone are the woes of the first timers stuck on the ‘Wedding Train’ where stressing over the 150 shades of ivory tends to overshadow the meaning of love. In fact, more older couples are choosing to elope or look for a venue suited to a smaller more intimate wedding. Many reasons for this not limited to the over 50’s but more to those couples wanting to get away from it all – see 10 Reasons to Elope

This is perhaps why smaller more intimate weddings are more suited to the over 50’s.

Older couples seem more relaxed in general and happier to trust in others, leaving the finer wedding details to the professional Wedding Planners. Focused more with the day being about the two of them and the love they hold for each other while ensuring that their nearest and dearest are there to share their special day.

Family Run exclusive Lake District Wedding Venue ine and Steve after their wedding at Cote How
Caroline, Steve and a Happy Wedding Couple

Elopement Weddings For Just Two

The term elopement has taken on a slightly different slant. No longer about the young runaways eloping in secret, the term elopement now being used as any smaller more intimate wedding.

Instead of thinking 100 – Think 10!

With changed priorities older couples, now self-financing, and in control of the budget, tend to make different choices to their younger counterparts. Rather than spending a small fortune inviting all; from distant cousins, work colleagues and plus ones, they are aiming for more refinement, service and quality. We are seeing a definite upsurge in older couples eloping here. 

Find more about our Elopement Weddings For Just Two

Lovely Older couple arrive to elope at Cote How to get married in the Lakes
Elope to the Romantic Lake District

Destination Weddings

Quick town centre registry office weddings on a quiet Monday afternoon are becoming less desirable. With more social ease, family support and a larger disposable income, older couples are searching further afield for more interesting choices of venue. Somewhere that holds special significance, meaning or a memory. Maybe even combining an extended family holiday, spending quality time together, then featuring an intimate wedding as part of that whole experience.

Older Couple - Just Eloped and celebrating their marriage, together with owners Caroline and Steve at Cote How
Elope together to Cote How in the Lake District

Intimate Weddings

An all-inclusive wedding perhaps where the whole family can celebrate amid stunning surroundings and indulge a little. Maybe a more exclusive bespoke venue featuring stunning landscapes, gourmet food, fine wines and more refined entertainment in a relaxed and friendly manner.

Benefits of a smaller more intimate venue
For smaller more intimate weddings and elopements finding the right sized venue is key to achieving that relaxed and intimate style. Larger hotels may offer small elopement packages but here you have no privacy and little scope to add your own touches.

If you like the idea of eloping and can see your selves immersed in an intimate romantic experience filled with heady excitement, anticipation and love, there will be nothing more guaranteed to burst your heady bubble than the sight of bathrobe clad hotel guests heading for the pool at you big “I do” moment. Make sure your venue offers full exclusivity for your wedding, no matter how small.

Mature Bride holding her marriage certificate after getting married to her partner of 30 years
Intimate Wedding at Cote How

We love smaller weddings

Cote How offers a selection of intimate wedding options, from elopements for ‘Just the Two of You’, to ‘Small and Intimate’ all-inclusive celebrations. As all our weddings are bespoke you have the flexibility to vary your choices and design a wedding that is right for you. From our family to yours the enjoyment of making real people connections, all working together and enjoying a very memorable day makes our jobs easy!  

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