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the perfect space

Many of our brides are worried when organising their hair, makeup, and a place for getting ready for the wedding. Preparing for the big day in your hotel or accommodation is perfectly fine. But as we pride ourselves on offering a stress-free experience, we don’t want the typical Lake District traffic to hold you up and spoil your day. And if you are planning to keep with tradition and stay separate from your partner, it’s also the perfect place to hide before the big moment! We wanted to create a luxurious and relaxing space exclusively for you and your wedding party on-site with this in mind. 

bridal suite wedding make up station getting ready for the wedding

Caroline's concept!

Wow. What a transformation this room has had. Once known as the Wansfell bedroom, it played a vital role in the earlier use of Cote How (the B&B). No longer used as a bedroom, the space was crying out for some of Caroline’s creative vision and Steve’s master decorating skills. Both concepts combined, a gorgeous luxury getting ready room has been created. With inspiration from Art deco and Art nouveau combined with Japanese influences, blossoms and plenty of gold! The perfect space for getting ready for the wedding. 

BRIDAL MAKE UP MIRROR-Detail---getting-ready-for-the-wedding

decorating your space

Now it’s time for the getting ready room to get ready for the weddings! The best feature of the new getting ready room is probably the Farrow and Ball Gold Lotus wallpaper. We all think Caroline loved this wallpaper so much the whole room had to be designed around it – and it certainly looks stunning.

It took Caroline and Steve a good few hours to get the wallpaper right but once they got stuck in it went up perfectly. 4 hours later… what a difference it made!

Farrow and Ball Wallpaper - Lotus

not everything goes to plan!

 Although the design and build of the getting ready room has been a breeze (Steve will say differently!) there has been one part of the room that has caused big dilemmas and a bit of uproar… the supposed dressing screen! As soon as Caroline’s eyes laid on this gold, blossom tree-inspired screen, it was straight to checkout. Little did she know the carpet had a different idea. Once in position, the screen looked amazing, don’t get me wrong, but sadly it was not fit for purpose. The deep carpets created an uneven and unsteady base for the screen, making it a health and safety nightmare! One that I am sure Steve has dreamt about far too much. You are probably wondering what happened to the screen? But I am happy to confirm that it is still a major feature of the getting ready room, taking pride of place on the wall, above the new bar! 

The old dressing screen - turned wall panelling!


With the new space starting to take shape, we needed some furniture to go with the gold theme. The hairstylist station was created from an old table and all it needed was a lick of paint and some gold finishing!

I sanded down all the wooden furniture with Steve’s sanding machine, which worked like a dream and saved lots of energy! The painting was very efficient now that I am a decorating professional (not!). Even my trousers have had a good coat of paint! Soon after painting, Caroline came out with her gold paint collection, ready to start ‘blinging’ the tables. 

Steve is not so keen about the aged/gold look, but Caroline and I think it is tasteful! Although we’ve ‘finished’ decorating the furniture, we are still questioning the table’s legs as we think they still need more gold! However finally, the furniture problem was solved! 

WEDDING HAIR STYLING-STATION---getting-ready-for-the-wedding

The finishes touches!

The window decoration was the next task. Caroline had a clear vision, a sleek mixed fabric design with blossom twigs intertwined with lots of fairy lights. I was up the ladders stapling the decorations in place whilst Caroline was directing from below – a great team effort. The window decoration finishes the bride’s dressing room beautifully and compliments the blossom panelling on the wall! All that was left was a couple of accessories to make the space practical. The amazon driver swiftly brought our gold snakeskin-design bin, gold tissue holder and a tiny retro radio speaker. 


the all important approval

Now the getting ready room is ready for action. It’s time to be tried and tested by our wedding couples. After some wonderful feedback (below), we know that Caroline’s creative vision and Steve’s master decorating skills have paid off.

LAURA AND NATHAN'S Getting ready experience

“The major advantage for getting ready at Cote How is the secrecy. Having the getting ready room allowed me to get dressed into my wedding dress without Nathan bumping into me. I can imagine it would cause quite a stir seeing a bride at your hotel or accommodation, and I wouldn’t want that sort of attention.

My bridesmaids loved looking out of the window at all the guests arriving while it came me a chance to settle in a little more and spend more time in a place that means so much to us. I was able to have my dad do the ‘first look’ upstairs at Cote How with total privacy so we could share the special moment together. The advantages go on. So I recommend to any bride to book the getting ready room before your wedding.”


LAUREN & RICHARDS Getting ready experience

“When we booked our wedding in January 2021, the ‘getting ready room’ was just a vision of Caroline’s, and closer to the date of our wedding, it was completed. And so we got to use this facility, and what a difference it made to our day! The room’s decor is incredibly beautiful and fits perfectly with the venue’s setting. Caroline’s attention to detail is impeccable, and this is mirrored by all that the ‘getting ready’ room offers to your special day. Xx”


Leanne & James Getting ready experience

“I found it so useful to have the room for getting ready. It meant I could get to the venue nice and early without the stress of having to sneak there later in the day without anyone seeing my dress. I also loved that my bridesmaid and I got to start the day early and get into the wedding spirit as soon as we arrived! For any bride wanting to make their day last a little bit longer and have a stress free wedding, I would massively recommend it. X”


Bride getting ready for the wedding
Laura's Getting Ready Experience Photo by Jo Greenfield

Now the getting ready room is finished (for now, we have more plans!) and approved by some of our wonderful brides. It’s all ready to be used by our amazing couples who can hire it by the hour for getting ready pre-wedding. Available for your hairstylist, makeup artist and bridal party (up to 3) to prep you for your big moment and ready to say, ‘I do’! 

If you would like to book our getting ready room before your wedding, please contact [email protected] 


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