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Cote How is a fully inclusive gay friendly wedding venue and welcomes all. Relax and enjoy your wedding your way in this beautiful and romantic world class destination, set in the very heart of the Lake District National Park.

Whether you are looking for a Civil partnership or Civil Marriage the choice is yours. If you are unsure on which is right for you please read our blog “Civil Marriage or Civil Partnership – What is the difference?” to find out more.

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Civil Partnership or Marriage?

So what is the difference between a Civil Partnership and a Marriage?
Legal there are few differences, but the paperwork is different and with a Civil Partnership you are not required to speak your vows aloud.
This option may suit you if you are nervous about this style of ceremony.
Of course, the ceremony may be the part you look forward to, so this can still be offered in a Civil Partnership. 

At present marriages have a handwritten certificate that is issued on the day as part of the ceremony.
Civil Partnerships name both parents of each celebrant rather than just the father, as is the case on the marriage certificate.
With the planned new reforms of marriage planned over the coming years, the marriage certificate is planning to be phased out.
This is a shame in the sense that the old fashioned hand-inked certificates (unchanged since 1837) will no longer exist.
We will therefore lose the marriage register and everything will be held digitally instead. 

If you are unsure about which style of wedding or Civil Partnership you would prefer to have a chat with Caroline when you meet or see the Kendal Registry Office website for further information.

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