ELOPING WITH CHILDREN? Introducing our “Little Ones” Wedding Style

Eloping with children? introducing our 'little ones' wedding style

family ties - tying the knot with children

Eloping with children can be a genuinely fulfilling and enriching experience, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime. An increasing number of couples are choosing this wedding style as an opportunity to spend quality time together, away from the stresses of everyday life. It is a joyful way to foster a sense of togetherness, as families share such a significant experience. 

A bride and groom stand by the shore of Rydal Water with their two young children as part of their family elopement
A family elopement wedding portrait in Rydal, Lake District

why choose our 'little ones' wedding sytle?

Our new elopement wedding style is the perfect choice for couples who dream of a serene, intimate wedding while ensuring their little ones are happily included too.
This package beautifully marries the elegance and serenity of Cote How with the playful spirit of family life. Created as an option for parents seeking both romance and practicality on their special day, the ‘Little Ones’ has the best of both worlds to offer.

A family stand together on a footbridge in the Lakes as part of their family elopement
A bride with her two children on the morning of her wedding day
A newly married couple sign the register after eloping with their two small children

An outdoor haven for little explorers

Nestled in the breathtaking heart of the Lake District, Cote How offers a stunning backdrop for your little explorers. “The Little Ones” is thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique needs of families eloping with young children. Whilst parents’ wedding portraits capture the beauty of Rydal Water,  children are immersed in the awe and wonder of the great outdoors.

A bride and groom on the shores of Rydal in the Lakes enjoying their elopement as a family
A romantic shot of a newly married couple gazing at each other by the shores of Rydal Water

Eloping with children is child's play!

Lots of couples worry that their children will find it tricky to cope during their ceremony. Our specially selected basket of toys and activities can help to keep little ones happily distracted! We understand how important it is for parents to feel at ease as they exchange their vows.

A little boy laughs as he throws confetti at his parents on their wedding day
A little boy delights in throwing confetti during a family elopement

The beauty of “The Little Ones” package is how it integrates the whole family with the day’s proceedings, making it a truly family affair. It allows parents to relax, knowing their children are enjoying the day just as much as they are.

A family elopement with two small children and a dog!
A bride and groom are laughing with their children and the family dog on their wedding day

When Eloping with children includes a four-legged friend!

To many of us, our four-legged friend is as much a part of the family as anyone else! That’s why we work with the fabulous team at Ambleside Dog Walkers. They can collect your dog and care for them until after the ceremony when we all meet for an adventure on our lake shore of Rydal Water.

A newly married couple are relaxed and smiling as they sign the register

New name, new chapter

Eloping with children may mean a name change for some of your family. Children love to celebrate this new chapter! Personlised names badges, bracelets or ‘our new family’ jars are a lovely memento of a momentous occasion. Read our blog ‘How to Include Children in Your Wedding’ for more child-friendly ideas.

“The Little Ones” promises a perfect day, designed to harness the beauty of our fantastic landscape and the individual needs of your family. It is where your family bond is cemented and celebrated in a day that’s as seamless and relaxed as it is beautiful.

It’s a delightful way for busy parents to tie the knot, ensuring a stress-free, joyous celebration with those who matter most!

Two little boys dressed as paige boys wave at the photographer during a family elopement

Thank you to...

Many thanks to the lovely Samantha & Joe, who married at Cote How in March 2024, for sharing their gorgeous experience of eloping with children. They were all fabulous!   You can find out more about our ‘Little Ones’ package here

A special thank you to our in-house photographer Stephen Rhodes for these beautiful wedding portraits.

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