Two Grooms and their Stunning Lake District Elopement

Two Grooms and their Stunning Lake District Elopement


Lets go back to September...

The day of Oliver and Michaels Lake District elopement was a gorgeous day with a bright blue sky. The night before their wedding, they stayed in an idyllic setting in Haweswater. This is where they got ready and also met their photographer, Jo. Haweswater is a bit of a trek from Rydal, but they were willing to do a bit of travelling to marry in their ideal location.  

Groom left a note to himself to not forget the rings for the elopement wedding

What is an elopement?

Oliver and Michael booked an intimate Lake District elopement on a September morning at Cote How. This style of wedding is a booking of two hours at the venue. An elopement wedding has no guests. Two people come to Cote How to marry privately at our intimate venue. We will witness for you, and you will take the day to relax and take it all in. Some people will come and elope in secret and keep it as a surprise for family and friends. I’ll talk you through their day and what they did afterwards to give you some ideas if you think of having a Lake District elopement yourself.

Gay wedding couple relaxing in leather armchair in the house before elopement ceremony

The morning of their Lake District Elopement

They were a little nervous when they arrived, which is not unusual. You worry about forgetting the rings. However, Oliver and Michael had this covered with a note to themselves left by their shoes the night before! They both had a drink on arrival and spoke to the registrars. Before proceeding with the wedding ceremony, the registrars have a short chat with you to ensure they have all the information correct. 

Two Grooms having their buttonholes attached before the wedding ceremony

Their outdoor elopement ceremony

Oliver and Michael loved Cote How for the barn and the outside areas. It was perfect for their Lake District elopement ceremony outside the barn with a lovely day with blue sky. You can decide whether you would like to read your vows to each other as part of the ceremony, which is a personal preference. I do think it is a lovely touch. Oliver and Michael did write their vows, making us very emotional as witnesses.

Two grooms at their Lake District elopement wedding
Two grooms walking down to the barn from the house for their ceremony
Gay couple enchanging wedding rings during their elopement ceremony
Gay wedding couple sat inside the barn for their ceremony signing

Time to relax...

There is often a sense of relief after the formalities of the ceremony. Once the vows have been said, the rings are on, and nothing has been forgotten. Then it’s time to relax and enjoy the first few hours of being married. The couple had their celebratory drinks with the surprise of a flyover in the gazebo before getting some lovely photos around the venue. That’s the great thing about an intimate Lake District elopement, you’re not worrying about any guests, and you have the venue all to yourselves.


Caroline is giving two grooms prosecco after the ceremony
Gay wedding couple cheers as they celebrate after their Lake District elopement
Plane flying over Cote How in Rydal after wedding ceremony

The adventure continues

Their wedding day wasn’t over when they left Cote How, though, as they had more plans up their sleeves to carry on their Lake District elopement celebrations and were going off on an adventure with their photographer Jo. They went back towards Haweswater, where they got some dramatic shots and had a picnic.

Gay wedding couple walking down to Rydal water from lakeside venue
Two grooms pictured beneath the trees at lakeside venue

Why a Lake District Elopement?

Your Lake District elopement is the perfect time to be a little selfish and have it all about the two of you, you have no one else to think about when planning your day. A perfect time to treat yourself to a lovely hotel and a nice treat meal, if pictures are important to you it might be worth booking your photographer for a little longer than your wedding time especially if there are any special places you are wanting to go with them. The caves are a popular spot but make sure you have booked in enough time in your wedding package.

A chalk board that reads "today is the day i say i do" on morning of elopement

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Photographer: Jo Greenfield

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