Magical outdoor elopement in the autumnal lakes

Magical Outdoor Elopement



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Gosh, it’s been a little while since sitting down to write a blog. We have been very busy at Cote How delivering lots of lovely weddings. Naturally, the latter end of the year comes with a little more breathing space, so here I am typing away, and there will be more on the way. Today I will tell you about Emilie and Josh’s wonderful outdoor elopement picnic, which took place two weeks ago. It’s a great way to understand a wedding here at Cote How and imagine where you see yourself getting married, guests or no guests and food or no food.

Welcome Sign in Cote How Porch

Rural Outdoor Elopement just for you

Emilie and Josh have been together for over 11 years. Often if you’ve been together this long, you might have been asked the questions of when you are getting married a few too many times. You might not want all the fuss of a big wedding, and you might want to be married. It can be challenging to stop a guest list from spiralling. Some people want it to be stress-free, just the two of them.

Elopement couple with Rydal Water as a backdrop
We Eloped at Cote How

Barn terrace outdoor elopement

The couple arrived in their car; they had driven over from a local hotel. Emilie came ready aside from her wedding dress; she slipped her dress on in the middle room to keep the element of surprise when Josh saw her for the first time. They had their ‘first look’ with their photographer outside the porch. They then had their interviews together in the Woodrow room before heading down to the barn terrace for their outdoor ceremony.

Elopement couple walking hand in hand

The weather was very on and off with the rain, from downpour to sunshine in a matter of seconds. They wanted to have their ceremony outdoors with the barn as their backdrop. They loved the rustic feel the barn has, and Emilie arranged to bring some photo props. The weather looked like the rain would hold off for just enough time, and as the ceremony finished, the rain started again. It was perfect timing.

The ring exchange
Bride and Groom marrying in private elopement wedding
Outdoor Elopement Wedding Ceremony

Positives to rain on your wedding day

Once they’d officially become Mr and Mrs, they had a drink of their prosecco and then it was off to the caves. They went to the caves with their photographer Jenna Carpenter. A positive to having a rainy wedding day is the pictures look great, it adds a moodiness to the photos, and there is no squinting in the sun! Rain is also said to be lucky on your wedding day!

Rainbow over wedding couple at Cote How

Rydal caves are A great photo spot for your outdoor elopement

Emilie’s dress was muddy when they returned from their trip to the caves and by Rydal water. It will have been freezing! To our surprise, they had a dip in the lake for some pictures – now that’s dedication!

Wedding Couple in Rydal Water
Elopement Couple at Cote How
Wedding Couple stood in the perfect wedding location with view over Rydal

Enjoy a Picnic with a view

Then they sat in the gazebo for their picnic. Emilie and Josh were determined that the rain wouldn’t stop them having the outdoor elopement wedding they were dreaming of, the original plan they wanted to have their picnic on the hill- so in the gazebo, they were as outside as can be without getting wet. However, once they’d enjoyed their picnic, the brownies especially- they then were going back to their hotel room to warm themselves up in the hot tub and to reveal the good news to family and friends.

Cumbrian Picnic for Two at Adventure Elopement
Elopement Picnic Platter for Two

If this sounds like your ideal day head to our website and have a look at our Adventure Elopement Wedding – simply fill in an equiry form and get a chat booked in with us to discuss your plans further.

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Photographer: Jenna Carpenter

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