Luxury Valentine’s Day Wedding

Luxury Valentine's Day Wedding

Just for two


Valentines day wedding for two

So it’s February the 14th, the rain was coming down thick and fast in the morning, the fire was roaring in Cote How’s reception room. Our first elopement of 2022 was on a very fitting day, Valentine’s day. Lots of firsts, it was our first Valentine’s day wedding. It was the first wedding to see our new venue décor. It was also Dan’s first wedding since starting work at Cote How the week before! So a very exciting day. We have been hard at work painting and decorating. Along with lots of other things, Steve has given the bar a glow up, and Caroline has been adding some personal touches with Cote How flowers hand-painted on the walls. 

Kathryn and Chris walking up to Cote How from the barn terrance, holding hands and smiling together

Still deciding on a wedding dress?

It was the day that Kathryn and Chris were getting married, their Valentine’s day wedding just the two of them. They wanted a stress-free day that they could enjoy for themselves. Kathryn’s beautiful Valentine’s wedding dress, embellished with lots of tiny beads. The detail was lovely- she told us that she ordered it from ASOS. I have seen a few dresses recently from ASOS and Monsoon. They stand out as attractive dresses! They had a dried flower bouquet and buttonhole; I think these are a great idea because they make a great keepsake.

Valentines day wedding couple dancing in Rydal Caves
Wedding couple pictured high up looking over Rydal Water

Time for the ceremony

They had some drinks on arrival and got comfortable in front of the fire. When the registrars arrived, they then chatted with Kathryn and Chris to make sure they had all their information correct! The ceremony took place in the Wordsworth ceremony room. I acted as a witness along with Jenna (who was both photographer and best friend at this wedding!). The couple had chosen their song carefully, which meant a lot to them and would now mean even more to them going forward. 

Portrait of Bride and Groom, close up
Elopement couple laughing together infront of green barn doors

A valentines day wedding dance

After the ceremony celebratory drinks were in order and a low key first dance in front of the fire, the exclusive use at Cote How makes your experience so much more special, romantic, and relaxed. Once they had finished their drinks, it was time to change into some cave appropriate footwear and brave the weather! Luckily for them, the weather was on their side, and the rain stopped just as they were heading out for their photos. Although people worry about the rainy weather in the Lakes, it often enhances your photos, adding to the Lakeland atmosphere. 

Bride being picked up by Groom in Rydal Woods
Elopement couple in Rydal caves, a tree reflecting in the cave water and the couple to the right hand side

Endless photo opportunities

Cote How is in such an excellent location for various photo opportunities with your photographer, Jenna took Kathryn and Chris up to Rydal Caves for some dramatic shots and got some lovely pictures next to Rydal Water and in the grounds at Cote How. 

Elopement couple Kathryn and Chris walking back through the field towards Cote How which you can see ahead of them

What to do after you elope...

It is always lovely to hear what our elopement couples are doing with the rest of their day, and Kathryn and Chris sounded to have a lovely day planned. From Cote How they were heading to Low Wood Bay to the smokehouse for an alternative afternoon tea, lots more savoury bits (sounds good to me!) and then for a luxurious night away at the Brimstone in the Langdale’s. It is so lovely that you can spend your money treating yourself to a little bit of luxury with an elopement wedding, making it feel truly special and as Kathryn was hoping – stress-free!

Bride jumping in the air in wellies
Bride and Groom laughing and dancing along path on Rydal Walk

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Photographer: Jenna Carpenter

Dress: ASOS Wedding Shop

Bridal Hair: Tracey Tennent Hair (@traceytennent_hair)

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