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A Midnight escape to a far-off place to marry in secret. There is a very romantic notion about this, but the meaning of ‘elope’ has evolved somewhat from the runaway days. Eloping in the Lake District is becoming increasingly popular, with many couples choosing to elope because not only is it affordable but also stress-free. It remains timelessly romantic, intimate and truly special and our Elopement packages have been designed with this in mind

Benefits of Eloping

If you are not a planner, one of the fun sides of eloping is how easy it is to arrange. Once you’ve found the right venue and booked the registrar, there isn’t much else that you need to consider. You only need to give 30 days to your ‘notice to marry’, so if you need to marry quickly for whatever reason, it is very easily achievable.

is eloping right for you?

When planning your wedding, you must consider what both of you ultimately want. Planning even a small wedding can involve a lot of time and effort. If the thought of this seems overwhelming, it’s worth considering the option of an Elopement package. 

our elopement packages

With so many more couples choosing to Elope, we wanted to create a variety of different Elopement packages to suit all. Whether you want a quick and easy relaxed Elope or go all out and enjoy complete exclusivity, including an overnight stay. We hopefully have the right package for you. Eloping at Cote How offers something unique that you cannot find in most venues: total exclusivity. From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, we guarantee complete privacy making your elopement the most intimate of experiences.

'the runaways'

Named after the original meaning to Elope this is our statement two-hour morning elopement package.     Not necessarily for those wanting to run away, but perfect for couples who are wanting an intimate and easy stress free wedding.


'the adventureres'

Perfect for those wanting to get married but with an element of adventure involved. This Elopement package has been designed to allow plenty of time to head off on a hike to Rydal water and Rydal caves. Perfect for some fantastic adventure photo opportunities

Elopement couple in Rydal caves, a tree reflecting in the cave water and the couple to the right hand side

'the romantics'

'The indulgers'

Our thoughtfully designed ‘Romantics’ Elopement package is designed to allow a little more time at Cote How. Take in the incredible scenery, enjoy the wonderful wildlife and ponder over the majestic surroundings that inspired William Wordsworth.

Wedding Couple snuggle up with their elopement picnic

The most indulgent of all of our Elopement packages… designed for couples who ‘want it all’. Elements of all of our elopement packages are included, with a luxury overnight in our stunning Honeymoon Suite. Making Cote How exclusively yours from start to finish.

Indulgent wedding with overnight Honeymoon Suite
the benefits of booking one of our elopement packages

Our packages are designed to give you complete peace of mind and make the whole process quick, easy and fuss-free. We’ve included everything you could possibly need to enjoy the perfect Lake District Elopement. We also guarantee full privacy during your Elopement, making Cote How exclusively yours for your special day.

Elope to the Lake District by Jenna Carpenter

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