Amazing Lake District Elopements – Are they right for you?


An elopement wedding might be the answer to all your problems…

Are you sick and tired of all the restrictions and changes of plans? Maybe you and your partner have been together for a long time? Wedding plans keep getting pushed to one side while life keeps flashing by in the blink of an eye and now you just want to do it, you really want to get married!
Being married is so important to many couples and allows them to move onto the next chapter of their lives. So with everything that is going on, maybe an elopement wedding is the answer to all your problems.
No need to worry about who you’re inviting…this immediately eliminates any guilt from leaving people out, or worse, inviting people just because you feel you “have to”. Also, there is no need to stress about where people are staying and all that the responsibility that goes with that. Fancy taking away all the stress that planning a huge wedding can bring?
Why not just elope?


You can still get those creative juices flowing with an elopement wedding!!

Now, before I get too into it I just want to give a shout out to the fabulous Jo Greenfield, all the photos featured on this blog are from a recent elopement wedding Jo did here at Cote How. Hopefully, they inspire you and make you realise how exciting an elopement can be. Just because it is only the two of you doesn’t mean you can’t get creative, in fact, you could say it is even more so, your day your way and your own personality stamped all over it.


An Elopement wedding will be far from boring!

Elopement weddings are getting ever more popular, particularly since 2020 threw a spanner in the works. It has opened peoples eyes to the more valuable things in life, and many people are reconsidering their more extravagant plans for something more personal, and maybe not halfway around the world. Hopefully, this blog will reassure you and fill you with confidence that your elopement wedding will be far from boring and can feel just as showstopping or as understated as you like. Either way will definitely be marvellous. As an elopement wedding, your day will also be much more personal and focused on just the two of you rather than running around checking your guests are ok. Because today is about you, not them.


Do you LOVE the lakes?

Assuming you love the lakes as much as we do, perhaps you can nestle your elopement wedding in the middle of a weeks holiday in the Lakes to make the most out of it and prolong the celebrations. What better reason to escape reality for a short while! You may have your days filled with walking and other outdoor activities such as climbing, swimming, or the new 2020 craze – paddleboarding. Or you might just be wanting to kick back relax and embrace the surroundings.

A little bit about Cote How

Just in case you are not aware, Cote How is located in the heart of the stunning natural scenery of English Lake District – A world heritage site, and for good reason! Nestled on the shores of  Rydal Water, a 2-minute stroll to the water’s edge and you have the most picture-perfect setting. The fantastic photographs by Jo Greenfield show how gorgeous the scenery can look even in winter. Although we can’t guarantee a glowing winters day your pictures will look lovely whatever the weather. Rydal caves also feature in their shoot, as it is only 20 minutes from Cote How. So if you don’t mind donning your walking boots and taking a l’al hike with your photographer – We guarantee it is worth it.


What we offer for your elopement needs…

We offer three different elopement packages at Cote How. The classic elopement wedding, you can join us for 2 hours have your ceremony and a glass of fizz then you’re free to do whatever is perfect for you to celebrate. We also offer an extended elopement where you also get a delicious picnic included to enjoy on the grounds or in the house, the gazebo is the perfect place to sit and watch the world go by. Finally, we also do the Hideaway elopement where you stay here at Cote How for a night of luxury accommodation.


With everything The Lake District has to offer right on its doorstep, it is the perfect place for your elopement wedding whether adventurous and outdoorsy or cosy and relaxing, any time of the year.

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