Autumn Wedding…THE BEST TIME to marry in the LAKE DISTRICT

Autumn Weddings...THE BEST TIME to marry in the LAKE DISTRICT

Rachel - Wedding planner at Cote How Lake District Weddings


The Joy of a Lake District Autumn Wedding

Oh, where to begin? The Lake District, praised by generations of romantic poets is one of the best locations in the world to get married. In Autumn, everything wonderful about the Lakes seems magnified. As an October girl, I believe nothing beats an Autumn wedding in the Lake District, but if you are in any doubt, read on…

Vintage classic coach on the driveway of Cote How, Lake District weddings.
Buckle up for the wedding planning ride!

Colour Me Happy

‘But doesn’t it rain a lot?’ I hear you cry about Autumn in Cumbria. The weather is unpredictable, but Coleridge marveled at the loveliness of the rain in Borrowdale. Without the rain, there would be no lakes! Wordsworth considered Grasmere Lake ‘the ‘loveliest spot that man hath ever found.’ From October, the colours shine, and the backdrop to your wedding photos will be a riot of crimson, gold, and red. With ever-changing Autumn skies, the Lake District is a wedding photographer’s dream.

Bride in white wedding dress dancing by Rydal Water in Autumn
Under the golden canopy of ancient oaks on the shores of Rydal Water in Autumn

Dressed to Impress

Autumn weddings are the perfect opportunity to wear stunning outfits. Choose a flower crown woven from the hedgerows, or a tweed suit the colour of purple heather. Bridesmaids dress in golden bronze and the flowers are pumpkin orange and rosehip red. Lambswool blankets can keep guests snug, and there is the joy of elegant long-sleeved wedding gowns… with pockets! (if you know, you know!)

Burgundy Groom suit with orange tie and orange flower buttonhole
Heather tweed suit and burnt orange tie reflect the autumnal colours of the landscape

‘Dane’ to be Different

The Danish word ‘Hygge’ describes the feeling of a Lake District Autumn wedding. Cumbrian folklore tells of the connection between our native Herdwick sheep and Viking settlers. A ‘hygge’ wedding celebrates the countryside, or rustic and homemade objects, with a softness and sweetness that brings loved ones together. Getting married in Autumn wraps your wedding in a warm blanket of Cumbrian hospitality throughout your special day.

Buttercream semi-naked wedding cake on log cake stand in rustic lakeland barn
Rustic stone barn and fairy lights…perfect for an Autumn wedding in the Lakes

Far From the Madding Crowd

It is quieter and cheaper in the Lakes from September to early November, with the school holidays in October being the exception. Visitors flock to the lakes in the summer months, bringing a buzz to local bars and restaurants, yet lakes and fells can be crowded. Accommodation and travel are also easier to arrange in the low season. During Autumn, summer vacations are over, but the festive season hasn’t begun. It’s the perfect time for guests to RSVP and breathe in the peace and tranquillity of your Lakes escape.

Wedding couple on the shores of Rydal Water with Cote How's boathouse in the distance, after marrying at Cote How

Fancy an autumn Festival?

Autumn may be quieter than the peak of June to August, but the Lake District is still teeming with things to do. Cumbria is perfect for a destination wedding and ‘mini-moon’ once you’ve tied the knot. The Taste Cumbria Food Festival in September highlights the best artisan food producers and, home to several Michelin-starred restaurants, Cumbria is a foodie paradise. The Kendal Mountain Festival in November celebrates all things rugged. Active couples can pull on their boots after their wedding ceremony, with many Lake District wedding venues nestled in the foothills of our national park.

Bride and Groom celebrating after tying the knot at Cote How in the Lakes
Best day ever for this Autumn couple at Cote How, Rydal Water

The Lake District in Autumn offers something for every couple. Marriage is for life and those who visit the Lakes in Autumn leave a little piece of their heart amongst the fells. ‘The leaves are falling like they are in love with the ground’ describes the romance of Autumn, but for couples who are young, or young at heart, it is best summed up by Winnie-the-Pooh. ‘A time of hot-chocolatey mornings, and toasty marshmallow evenings, and, best of all, leaping into leaves!’

What are you waiting for?

Two brides jumping for joy outside Rydal Caves after their wedding at Cote How
Two brides jumping for joy outside Rydal Caves after their Autumn wedding at Cote How


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Credit for photographs: Jo Greenfield, Tom McNally, Dean Hindmarsh and Claire Gelderd.

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