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Your wedding cake is more than just a cake!

Your wedding cake is an iconic statement piece on your wedding day, and in addition to it being a delicious and tasty treat for you and your wedding guests, it also plays a huge part in wedding traditions and symbolism… A little more about that later… It is a work of art that creates a lasting memory in its pride of place from and centre in your wedding photographs. The traditional “cutting of the wedding cake” being a showpiece, not to be missed… But Don’t take the knife out… That’s said to bestow bad luck!

Cote How White Chocolate and Raspberry Wedding Cake
Strawberry and Champagne Cake

Keeping the love local...

At Cote How we’re all about local and are keen to support local small businesses wherever possible. As a small exclusive wedding venue, we love working with passionate owner-operator artisan businesses who offer quality customer service, flexibility and a fabulo9ous smile…

Meet Kelly...

“Lovers of love and happily ever afters”

We first met Kelly when she delivered one of her stunning bespoke cakes here to Cote How many moons ago… Since then we have delved a little deeper to find out a little more about her passion for cake making!

Kelly is a one-woman show; she designs, bakes and decorates all the cakes herself. She explained that she has always been a “cake lover” and a “lover of love”.

When we asked Kelly why she first started making cakes she laughed and said so she “could eat more cake!” – Can’t blame her for that – Who doesn’t love cake! 

In June it will be five years since she pursued her dream of making contemporary wedding cakes and her Little Kendal Cakery was born.

Like many businesses, 2020 was a difficult year for Kelly, but as she explained, between lockdown 1 and 2 the weddings felt particularly special and even more full of love and positivity. “People were just so thrilled they were able to go ahead with their wedding” and Kelly was “just so happy to be a part of people’s special days once again.”
We can certainly second that!

Choosing Your wedding cake flavours

When Kelly chooses what flavours to offer, she tends to go for classic combinations with some personal favourites thrown in. She explains that white chocolate and raspberry is a firm favourite among clients and herself. Are you ready for the Cote How flavour options?

Our wonderful wedding cake flavours are:

  • White Chocolate and Raspberry
  • Limoncello Drizzle
  • Strawberry and Champagne
  • Chocolate Fudge
  • Sticky Toffee
  • Cherry and Almond

Don’t they all sound absolutely delightful? They sound delicious yet elegant and special. There is also the option of upgrading to a fruit cake if that’s more up your street!

Cote How Sticky Toffee Wedding Cake
Sticky Toffee Cake

Cote how All-Inclusive Packages

Our Six-hour and weekend “All-Inclusive” options have a wedding cake included as part of your package.

This is includes the semi-naked wedding cake style featured below, which is essentially when buttercream is scraped off so you can see the cake through the icing. I think this style of cake particularly goes with Cote How as a venue and sits perfectly with the rustic and romantic feel of the barn. If a semi-naked cake isn’t your first choice and you prefer a bit more icing, you can have your cake fully covered in buttercream.

Cote How Semi Naked Two Tier Luxury Wedding Cake in Wedding Barn
Semi Naked Cake - Inside Cote How Barn


Not everyone loves it semi-naked so here are a few more options:

  • The more traditional white fondant icing; this style of cake looks sophisticated and perfect trimmed with a coordinating ribbon to tie into your wedding colour theme.
  • Fruit Cake – Choose a fruit cake with marzipan and fondant icing
  • An additional tier for a second flavour
  • An additional tier for special diets – Gluten Free or Vegan options available
  • Cake Tasting pack of all six flavours sent to your door.

Whatever style of wedding cake you choose it will look perfect topped with a selection of your fresh wedding flowers.

Cote How Luxury Wedding Cake with Fondant Icing
Fondant Iced Wedding Cake

Choosing your wedding cake size

At Cote How we specialise in small intimate weddings and Kelly will create the size and tiers of your cake depending on how many wedding guests you have. At Cote How for 15 people and under it will be a single tier cake and for up to 24 people it will be a two tier cake. Kelly does however also make four tier wedding cakes for up to 120 people. She caters for gluten free and vegan diets, although they are not allergen free as all cakes are made in the same kitchen.

Semi Naked 3 tier luxury wedding cake

Being sure you've picked the best flavour

When choosing your cake flavour, go for something that you think will appeal to most of your guests, you don’t want any of your gorgeous cake going to waste. Saying that, be selfish and make sure it’s your favourite too! It’s your day and you’ll only be picking your wedding cake flavour once. Kelly offers the chance for you to order a cake selection box in advance of any decisions, which will help you to decide which flavour to go for.

At Cote How we have the option of serving your cake as your third course, this is great because it means your cake gets eaten and thoroughly enjoyed. If you do choose to do this, Kelly suggested that the Chocolate Fudge cake would also be lovely served warm with ice cream/cream and the Sticky Toffee could be served with whipped cream.

Writing this blog is really making me wish I had a slice of cake in front of me right now, I hope its done the same for you and given you some ideas and inspiration about your cake options when booking your wedding at Cote How.

Semi-naked wedding sponge cake with fresh flower decoration
Semi naked two tier cake
Three Tiered semi-naked wedding cake on rustic cake stand
Semi naked three tier cake

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