Coronavirus Will My Wedding Be Affected

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Coronavirus and your wedding

Coronavirus and Codi-Secure Wedding Venues

Current Wedding Guidance

Updated 27 November 2020

Great news that Cote How will begin weddings again after lockdown 2!As a south Lakes Venue we are currently in Tier 2 which means that we can now host wedding ceremonies and receptions for up to 15 people as before the last lockdown.

We are able to host in-person show rounds, but if you are currently residing in a tier 3 area please postpone visiting us as this is contrary to the Guidance.
For further information on the guidance please see the latest news on the tier system and restrictions and exemptions currently in place.

The latest information from Cumbria Registration Service – 26 November 2020

Ceremony update – December 2020
Following the news that wedding ceremonies and civil partnerships will be able to go ahead following the latest period of restrictions, it has now been confirmed that Cumbria has been placed in Tier 2 – High. 


It has also been confirmed by our regulatory body that the maximum of 15 people includes the couple, witnesses and guests but anyone working, such as registration officials and venue managers are not included.  Face coverings must be worn at our ceremonies by everyone except the couple and the Registrars. 


All guidance put in place prior to the national lockdown will be re-instated.   If you require a copy of the guidance please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Local Government Covid Alert Levels
Ceremonies taking place in Cumbria must abide by the Governments latest guidance for weddings and civil partnerships in relation to the Local Government Covid Alert level.
It is the responsibility of the couple and guests if they are travelling to Cumbria to attend a ceremony, that they check their local Government Covid Alert Level and follow any Government guidelines that may be in place in their own residing district. 

Updated 1 November 2020

Latest update from Boris:

We are sorry to be the bearers of yet more bad news…. But following the Government’s anouncement of a second national lockdown in England commencing 5 November 2020, we are unfortunatley unable to host any wedding ceremonies or receptions until at least 2nd December 2020.

We will be in contact with all affected couples as soon as we are able. If you are worried about your wedding please get in touch with us.

All show rounds until further notice will be done virtually. Please get in touch if you would like to arrange yours.

Updated  13 October 2020

Latest updates from Cumbria Registration Services:

Venue responsibility for the Ceremony Room and people attending ceremonies. Oct 2020

From the 28th September no more than 15 people can legally attend a marriage or civil partnership even when this can be safely accommodated with social distancing in a COVID -19 secure venue. This does not include the Registrars or photographers or anyone else working.

It is the responsibility of the venue to ensure working personnel meet the government guidelines as they are additional to the allowed 15 guests.    

Anyone who is “working” will have been approved by the venue with the couple prior to the ceremony as it is not the registrars responsibility to police these extra people, this will be the venue to monitor and oversee and justify to the HSE if there is an investigation.  All the “workers” will be required to wear masks throughout the ceremony as well as the photographer or any videographer. 


Local Government Covid Alert Levels

Ceremonies taking place in Cumbria must abide by the Governments latest guidance for Weddings and civil partnerships in relation to the Local Government Covid Alert level.

It is the personal responsibility of the couple and guests if they are travelling to Cumbria to attend a ceremony that they check their local Government Covid Alert Level and follow any local government guidelines that may be in place in their own residing district. 

To check current Local Government Covid Alert Levels click here.

Cumbria Covid Secure Wedding Venue

Updated  21 September 2020

Ceremony and Wedding Reception Guest Numbers

On 15th August we could start hosting more normal wedding receptions again for up to 30 people.
These are subject to COVID-19 Secure guidance and venue capacity, and the 30 includes all third party suppliers INCLUDING the two registrars, and any photographers, videographers musicians etc. 

Face coverings
From the 8th August, it became mandatory for all guests attending a ceremony to wear a face covering (unless exempt for medical reasons). Face coverings WILL NOT have to be worn by the wedding couple or registration staff, (although the officer who is conducting your ceremony may choose to do so), or venue staff.

If your ceremony is outside the barn then face masks are not required to be worn. The witnesses will need to wear their masks when inside the barn witnessing and signing the register.

All guests must wear a face mask indoors. This includes walking through the house or barn to access the toilets and bar. It also includes any person escorting the couples down the aisle. Anyone walking arm in arm must be in the same household bubble. 

If any guests are exempt from wearing a face covering they need to make this known to us and the Registrar conducting the ceremony so we are aware, any person who is not wearing a mask who is not exempt will be refused entry as this is a mandatory requirement.

Witnesses and signing the Register
It is advised that the wedding couple and their witnesses bring their own pens. These need to be black permanent ink, such as a ballpoint pen.

The couple will be asked to place the rings in their box on the ceremony table or be kept in their pocket. They are not to be passed from, say a best man/woman, in order to minimise touch points. 

It is advised not to use confetti as this has implications in two ways. It involves gathering together of your wedding party and may impact the social distancing measures in place. It involves throwing things into your face. 

There will be no dancefloor as singing and dancing is not permitted

Eating and Drinking
We have to follow the guidelines for pubs and restaurants. This involves table service only, which requires no standing at the bar. Whilst seated guests do not need to wear face masks. Tables need to be a maximum of 6 people unless one household is larger than 6. If different households wish to be seated on one table then social distancing needs to be observed between household groups, a minimum of 1m between household bubbles. Guests are fine to walk around the grounds and socialise with other household groups provided social distancing is observed.

The Lead up to your wedding
One week before your wedding you will be emailed and asked to circulate our Pre-Arrival Guidance to all of your guests.
This is essential to help answer the many questions that your guests may be worried about. It will help them to understand what to expect as we are meeting and greeting and what they need to bring with them to make their wedding experience as relaxed and easy as possible. 

Trusted Trace
We will ask you to circulate a link to all of your guests for them to register and make a declaration of fitness before attending. This declaration needs to be completed within 48 hours of attending the wedding. This is to assist NHS test and trace and is now mandatory.

Read the latest guidance here:

Small Marriages and Civil Partnerships

Receptions and Celebrations


To date we have had approximately nine weddings all go ahead and were beautiful. All guests and couples had a fabulous time, with the Covid-19 restrictions actually having little negative impact on their celebrations.
Please od read through the reviews to read first hand what our couples have said recently Wedding Reviews

If you are worried about your wedding please get in touch,

take care and stay safe,

Caroline and Steve

Luxury Micro Barn Wedding ceremony in the Lake District

On 31st July Boris announced that any further lifting of restrictions (planned for 1st august) was no longer going ahead.

This was originally planned to allow small receptions of up to 30 people to now take place including their meal and drinks – See 17 July Post below.

With this blow to the wedding industry, we remain in a position where the wedding and civil partnership ceremonies can still go ahead. Still, people should not be holding large wedding receptions and celebrations at this time. Any celebrations after a wedding need to follow the guidance, which allows up to 6 people from multiple households outdoors or two households indoors.

For us, this means that we can still hold the majority of our ceremonies and elopement weddings as they are all under 30 people. We do, however have to limit the reception part of the wedding (the meal and drinks) to just two household bubbles.

For last Saturday’s wedding, we had to think on our feet and came up with an ingenious plan to make this wedding still happen despite the little notice we had to the lack of restriction lifting. 

Read all about it here – You can see how small weddings can still be BIG on impact and BIG on beautiful…  

Small Socially Distanced Micro Wedding – How Boris couldn’t scupper our plans.

Here are some FAQ from the Government Website: 

Why do I have to cancel my wedding reception?

By their very nature, wedding receptions and celebrations bring families and friends together from a variety of different locations. Unfortunately, we do not believe it is safe to hold such gatherings at this time.

Can I still have the ceremony?

Yes, wedding ceremonies up to 30 people can still go ahead. These are subject to COVID-19 Secure guidance and venue capacity.

How many people can I have at my home to celebrate my wedding? Any celebrations after a wedding need to follow the guidance which allows up to 6 people from multiple households outdoors or two households indoors.

Some areas now have added restrictions in place on visiting people in their homes. In these areas you should not, and it will be illegal to, visit or host people in private homes or gardens. You should follow the specific rules in your local area.

Face coverings

From the 8 August, it will be mandatory for all guests attending a ceremony in a registration office or approved venue to wear a face-covering (unless exempt for medical reasons). Face coverings WILL NOT have to be worn by the bride, groom, civil partners or registration staff, although the Officer who is conducting your ceremony may choose to do so). 

If any guests are exempt we are asking them to make this known to the Officer conducting the ceremony, so we are aware, any person who is not wearing a mask which is not exempt will be refused entry as this is a mandatory requirement.

Read more about the latest government guidance here

If you are worried about your wedding, please get in touch,

take care and stay safe,

Caroline and Steve

Small Socially Distanced Micro Wedding

Updated  17 July 2020


Boris announced this morning that we can now offer weddings with both ceremonies AND receptions for up to 30 people from August 1st 2020, provided that covid-secure measures are in place. 

From August 1st, if prevalence remains around or below current levels, we will take the following steps:

“Enable wedding receptions; sit-down meals for no more than 30 people, subject to COVID-19 Secure guidelines. Over time, we will assess whether gatherings of this type for other purposes can be made possible and when larger wedding receptions can take place.”

Read this Updated Guidance in full.

We know that we can safely accommodate up to 18-people ceremonies in the large Fairfield Ceremony Room in the house, and up to 30 people in the Wedding Barn. One restriction still in place is that we are no longer allowed loud music or dancing. So receptions need to be limited to sit down functions with table service.

We will provide backing music as usual, but acoustic levels need to be low enough so that guests do not need to raise their voices to be heard.

The numbers for the 30 also need to include any wedding suppliers such as your photographer.

We are, of course, thrilled with this news and look forward to welcoming you all back to Cote How for your weddings!  

If you already have your wedding booked with us and would like to chat through your final plans for your wedding, please get in touch, and we can arrange a zoom call or a face to face meeting if preferred. 


If you are a new visitor and would like more information on the styles of weddings we offer, please visit these pages:

Take Care and Stay Safe

Caroline & Steve

Love in the Lakes - A Stunning Adventure Elopement

Updated  15 July 2020

We were very pleased to host our first wedding of 2020 last week!
You can read all about it here…



"Small and Sensational - Our First Covid Secure Micro-Wedding"

“After a lot of hard work, nerves and swift adaptations, we were finally able to open our doors and safely host our first Covid-secure micro wedding of the season.
This is a round-up of a week of ups and downs, culminating in a small and sensational marriage of two beautiful people in our Fairfield ceremony room here at Cote How. Hopefully, this will give you a great insight into what we’ve done to make you feel Covid safe and secure, and how it’s still possible to have the best day of your life, without fear and yellow and black tape dominating this joyful and love-filled day.
Here is how we went about preparing for our first wedding of the season, the steps we took to ensure everyone’s safety and an insight into what your own micro wedding could look like here at Cote How.”

Watch this space for more news updates as and whe nwe receive them… 

Take Care and Stay Safe

Caroline & Steve

Updated  26 June 2020

The government have announced that wedding cermeonies can go ahead from July 4th for upto 30 people. 
Please note that this is for the ceremony only, as we are still restricted on gatherings see below.

New bookings
we can now take new bookings for all dates form July 1st. So if your wedidng has been postponed or cancelled and you still wish to marry in 2020, albeit and elopement or intimate wedidng, please get in touch.

Cumbria registration Services have announced: 

Ceremonies Update 24th June 2020

“…from 4 July, weddings and civil partnerships will be allowed to take place. You should only invite close friends and family, up to a maximum of 30 people. The wedding exception is for wedding ceremonies only. Large wedding receptions or parties should of course not be taking place. Wedding celebrations can only happen when people follow the guidance of six people outdoors, support bubbles, or two households indoors or outdoors. It is critical for these guidelines to be observed to keep you and your family and friends as safe as possible.”  

Guidance – Coronavirus outbreak FAQs: what you can and can’t do after 4 July

Whilst this is a really positive step forward, we are currently waiting for further clarification and guidance from General Register Office on how to safely facilitate ceremonies for both customers and staff. We are expecting this in the next few days. 

We recognise that couples have a lot of questions and we are keen to provide responses to you with the correct information as soon as possible.  Once we are in receipt of the expected detailed guidance we will update you accordingly.  In terms of the guidance on wedding receptions, we strongly encourage you to contact your chosen venue to discuss this.

Thanks you for your patience and understanding.

Please note from 1st July we will be accepting new ceremony bookings for dates from 1st September 2020 onwards through to 2023.

We are contacting any couples due to marry in June to discuss the situation and are happy to discuss the options available to all our ceremony bookings. Please call us on 0300 303 2472 or email [email protected].


If you are concerned about your wedding please get in touch in the usual way.

Take Care and Stay Safe

Caroline & Steve


ceremony and recption wedding venue

Updated  23 June 2020

We have had official confirmation from Cumbria Registrars that they have cancelled or postponed all June weddings and that they have written to all their affected couples.
They have little news regarding the impact on July weddings at this stage. They will find out at the same time as the nation – Hopefully later this evening!
We do expect there to be restrictions on numbers, social distancing measures, risk assessments required etc. We expect to be issued with guidelines shortly afterwards, that will create a plan as to when and how the wedding industry can start to re-open. 

Please bear with us during the next few days to unravel this guidance and make plans for the most imminent weddings that may be affected. We will contact you as soon as we know any information that is directly relevant to your wedding.

Currently, we cannot take new bookings for the remainder of 2020 until all those already booked in this year have had the chance to rebook their in-year postponement dates.
The good news is that the registrars will be taking new bookings for 2021-2023 from 1 July, so new bookings can then be reserved officially going forward.

Hopefully, this is the start of the new light at the end of the tunnel.
If you are worried about your wedding and would like any advice or reassurances from us, please get in touch,

Take Care and Stay Safe

Caroline & Steve


Small and intimate Wedding Venue

Updated  7 June 2020

Here is useful article that may be worth a read…

Explanation of CMA Guidance on Weddings & Refunds

By the Association of British Wedding Businesses (ABWB)

Recent guidance by the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) on business refunds due to COVID-19 have spurred refund requests across industries. A number of couples have contacted wedding venues and professionals requesting refunds based on this CMA guidance, and it has become apparent that there is inconsistent information circulating in the media regarding what this means for weddings.
Read more…


Take Care and Stay Safe

Caroline & Steve


Coronavirus Will My Wedding Be Affected

Updated  15 May 2020

After Boris’s announcements earlier this week we know the governemnt is planning to gently unfold weddings from 01 June 2020, but we are still waiting clarity on numbers in respect to their terminology for “small” weddings. We are governed in most cases by the policies adopted by the Registration Service. 

Here is their latest update received 14th May at 6pm.

The Government published its latest guidance on coronavirus recovery on 11th May. It included “examining how to enable slightly larger groups to gather for events such as small weddings”.  This is positive news that ceremonies are being considered BUT it is proposed that this happens during stage 2, which will not be before 1 June and only if the correct conditions are met.

No further detail is available to us as yet, we are monitoring the situation closely and are awaiting further information as to how this may operate to ensure the safety of our couples, our staff and the wider general public.

Government guidance currently indicates that the hospitality industry will only possibly begin to be open no earlier than July 4th, and then only if conditions are met. 

We would like to be able to give more definite information about ceremonies in June and beyond and if they will go ahead but we must await further instructions from the Government and our governing body the General Registration Office before we can make a decision.

We thank you for your patience.

Please check our website for regular updates: –

We will of course update you if your wedidng is directly affected, but in the meantime keep checking in here for more info as we get it.

Take Care and Stay Safe

Caroline & Steve

Covid Secure Small Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Updated  30 April 2020

We thought we’d write a new blog to put some venue perspective out there following the largely negative and unbalanced reporting that has been painting wedding venues as the ‘devil in disguise.’ We understand the need for a good news story, but feel it has been one sided, and on occaasion reporting headline news that is misleading at best!

While considering the content of this blog we came across this newly published article by lovemydress. In our opinion it very eloquently provides some balance, is written with input from some of the most respected industry professionals, and paints a very realistic picture of the impact Corona virus is having, not only on wedding couples, but on their wedding venues too. 


Rather than reiterate this well considered article, we thought it best to let you read it for yourselves and make up your own mind.



How Wedding Venues Are Responding to The Pandemic & Postponements: Sharing Their Perspective


We would like to echo a couple of sentiments however;  

  • It is in no ones interest if venues are unable to continue to operate and;

  • As stated in the opening of the linked article, we are in ‘unprecedented times’, there is no parallel, no instruction manual and we are all trying to find the best way through this situation with fairness for all. We will all need to make sacrifices to achieve forward movement and we all may not hit the mark first time every time. Added to this is the huge uncertainty that exists. There are lots of scenarios being mooted, many by journalists hunting for a sensational headline, but in truth, there are very few facts out there to allow any form of plan to be put together. Patience and flexibility by all is the overarching message.

We hope you’ll find the linked article informative, as it quite accurately sums up our worries, concerns and outlines some very real issues.

As always if you wish to discuss your specific wedding situation with us then we are happy to do so. We continue to focus our attention on those weddings that are, or look most likely to be impacted, by the current form of lock-down.


If your wedding is more than two months away, we would for the most part, be guessing at how your wedding will be impacted. The possibilities range from no effect at all to an unknown length of postponement. To this end, it is virtually impossible to offer you any form of definitive
response until further guidance has been issued by both Government and subsequently the Registration Service. 

Take Care and Stay Safe

Caroline & Steve


Short Notice Weddings in the Lake District

Updated  21 April 2020

We hope you are all well and keeping safe, wherever you may be. 

We are all making changes to the way we work, and here at Cote How we are no different. We have a wonderful wedding venue right in the heart of the Lake District National Park, amid some of the UK’s most stunning scenery, and we want to be able to share it’s beauty with you.  

We are really excited to be able to offer you our new HOT OFF THE PRESS virtual tours of Cote How.

Have you found a gem of a wedding venue and so want to visit?
Today we are talking about making a virtual show around a small & intimate Lake District wedding venue…. 


Take Care,

Caroline & Steve


Lake District Wedding Venue Virtual Tour - Introduction and Wedding Styles

Updated  20 April 2020

We have received this official notification from Cumbria Registration Services which we will keep updated. This of course unfortunately means that all our ceremonies for April and May are directly affected and will need to be rearranged. 

Rest assured that we are doing all that we can to ease the strain and navigate these difficult times. By working together with our couples our aim is still to make sure that each has the best wedding possible in these difficult circumstances.

We have been in touch with all directly affected couples to offer help, advice, and support in whatever way we are able.

If you need to get in touch, please email us at any time and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Registrars attending ceremonies in Cumbria

Current Government advice is that ceremonies are not to take place until further notice.  At this time, we cannot give you a timeframe as to when these sanctions will be lifted. We are sorry for not being able to offer you any clearer guidance but we are continually reviewing this in line with Government advice.

We have made the difficult decision to contact all couples due to have a ceremony in May to re-schedule their booking to a later date.    

Please check our website for regular updates.

Take Care,

Caroline & Steve


Coronavirus Will My Wedding Be Affected

Updated  12.00 on 30 March 2020

Following the recent hints on the news regarding a 6 month plan, we are fearing that our summer weddings may now be affected. This combined with the registration service announcement (see below) 

Ceremonies and notice appointments will NOT be taking place until further notice

We think it prudent to now start thinking alternative plans for the weddings due to take place in June and July. We are in the process of writing to all of our couples affected directly, but if you are concerned about your own wedding and haven’t yet heard from us please get in touch.

Caroline & Steve 


Coronavirus Will My Wedding Be Affected

Updated  12.00 on 24 March 2020

We thought we would share this very valuable article that helps to add a little perspective in these troubling times from the team at Bridebook

Coronavirus Wedding Advice For Couples



Following the announcement by the Government last night, ceremonies and notice appointments will NOT be taking place until further notice.

You will be contacted with further information around your options.  As we’re sure you will understand we are dealing with a huge amount of calls and emails.  Please be patient and only call to rearrange if your ceremony was booked in the next 7 days and you have not already rescheduled. Alternatively please email us on [email protected]

Our website will be updated with further information as we get it, please check there before you contact us:

Caroline & Steve 


Coronavirus Will My Wedding Be Affected

Updated  17.00 on 23 March 2020

Today we have had information from Cumbria County Council and have been contacting our couples directly affected by this change. 
All wedding ceremonies upto the end of May may still go ahead but with only the wedding couple plus 2 witnesses. This means that weddings can still take place on the original date planned, but as an elopement style ceremony only.

In line with this and with the current ban on social gatherings, we are happy to continue with elopement weddings only until the end of May, but we are closing to weddings over 4 people.
Steve and I are currently making plans with each affected couple to re-arrange all weddings that were planned for up to the end of May 2020, where the couples do not wish to change to an elopement style of wedding. 

Please contact us if you are effected and would like to chat things through.

Caroline & Steve 

Here is the information from Cumbria County Council…

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - wedding and civil partnership ceremonies

COVID-19 – Important Changes to Registration Services

In light of Government guidance around mass gatherings and avoiding non-essential contact with others, ceremonies delivered by the Cumbria Registration Service, such as marriages and civil ceremonies, will now only take place in the presence of the couple and two witnesses. 

This does not affect reception plans at your chosen venue – just the numbers of people allowed to be present at the ceremony itself. 

This takes immediate effect and applies for all ceremonies that have been booked until the end of May 2020. 

For further information on the Registration Service please visit their website page for Births, Deaths and Marriages

Updated  17.00 on 19 March 2020


We would like to thank all our wonderful couples for their continued support and best wishes at this very trying time for everybody. We are so lucky to have fabulous new and existing couples, who are keeping their faith in us – including the two lovely couples who have booked with us this week!

Due to the current pandemic new wedding couples are unable to purchase wedding insurance for new bookings. We have therefore decided to make amendments to our current Terms and Conditions for all new bookings made from today. This will hopefully increase confidence in continuing with your wedding planning journey with us. 

Caroline & Steve



Coronavirus Will My Wedding Be Affected

Updated  16.00 on 19 March 2020
We are still watching the media and keeping in touch with other wedding venues
and industry experts to help us to make informed decisions. 

Our immediate worries are that even though many of our weddings are smaller
gatherings or elopements, constituting a maximum of 6 people in the room, we
are in the hands of the Registrars as to whether they will continue to

We are currently contacting all
of our booked couples in date order to try to establish their thoughts at this
uncertain time, as things are so fluid, and daily updates make for ever
changing guidance.

We appreciate that no one wishes to cancel or postpone their wedding but there
is increasing pressure to do the right thing, and keep everyone safe.

Stay safe, 


Caroline & Steve



Updated 19.00 on 17 March 2020
We have been avidly following every news update today and have contacted Cumbria Registration Service for advice on our imminent weddings and whether their staff will be attending to perform the ceremony and legal part of the wedding. We understand that the registrars worked today and the situation “business as usual” until they are told otherwise.

We are therefore also continuing with “business as usual”. 

Coronavirus Will My Wedding Be Affected

Updated 19.00 on 16 March 2020
Today’s Goverment advice leaves us in a very uncertain position regarding non-essential social gatherings, and minimising non-essential travel. As a private wedding venue, Government advice remains very unclear.

We are currently reviewing the implications of this advice on our clients, staff and suppliers including the ability of the Registrar service to attend the weddings at Cote How.

We will update this page as soon as we have specific information on how we may proceed.

We will begin contacting the couples most likely to be immediately affected by this advice in the coming days and in date order. Please understand that it is an ever changing and unclear situation and we have no idea how long this may extend. Please be patient as we take advice and try to find the best solutions for all involved. 

Updated 15.13 on 16 March 2020

The current Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak is giving us all cause for concern. Steve and I would like to reassure all of our existing and future couples that at the time of writing, we have had no known contact with those affected, either staff or customers and we remain OPEN FOR BUSINESS. We are doing everything we can to continue to operate as normal.

As a wedding-only business specialising in smaller family focused weddings we consider Cote How to be a low risk venue. It is our intention that all 2020 weddings currently booked with us, will go ahead as planned and we are continuing to take new bookings for 2020 onwards.

As you will appreciate, this is a very fluid situation and things could change at any time. While we would like to guarantee that your wedding with us will go ahead as planned, on the date that it is booked for, there are many factors, including your own health / risk of infection, which mean we cannot provide any guarantee that your wedding will go ahead as intended.

Advice and guidance given to us from various government agencies is varied and oftentimes opposing but be assured that we are taking many additional precautions (see our “Cote How Covid-19 Precautionary Measures” below) to limit our exposure to the virus and that of our couples and team.

Please keep an eye on this blog as we will be updating it as and when we get more information. If you have any concerns about your Cote How wedding, please get in touch.

Caroline & Steve

Owners of Cote How Lake District Weddings

Cote How Covid-19 Precautionary Measures

MEETINGS: As of 16th March 2020, we have ceased all non-essential face to face meetings; such as new clients show arounds and final planning meetings. These will be arranged via video link using Skype or Zoom, in order to remove the risk of person to person transmission.

CUSTOMER COMMUNICATION: We will update this blog as we receive additional information. We will communicate directly with our existing clients via email with any information that may specifically influence their wedding.

STAFF HYGIENE PRECAUTIONS: Additional hygiene procedures have been put in place – Use of gloves, double hand washing, double glass washing, surface cleaning and anti-bacterial cleansing of all touch points both before, during and after each event. 

CLEANING SCHEDULES: We have revised all our cleaning schedules for each area of the business.

GUEST HYGIENE PRECAUTIONS: We will make available hand sanitisers, anti-bacterial soap, extra tissues, paper towels in place of hand towels and signage to remind of hand washing.

TRAVEL: Checking the recent travel movements of our team to ensure they have not recently visited officially designated infected countries or been in contact with any know virus carriers. If so, self-isolation for 14 days will be imposed.

YOUR HOSTS: Caroline and Steve have cancelled all travel plans for the foreseeable future to reduce the risk of exposure and will take our own temperatures daily to ensure early detection, should we become infected.

SELF-ISOLATION: If we need to self-isolate, we have contingency plans and you will be informed.

SUPPLIER PLANNING: We have put in place additional measures to ensure that all food and drink supplies, which are key to your wedding, will remain available.

LIVE VIDEO LINKS: We will help you to set up LIVE Video links during the wedding ceremony for all guests in the “AT RISK” groups unable to travel.

REDUCING THE RISKS: Things to you may wish to think about:
Your own suppliers – Registrars, entertainers, florists, photographers etc. Have you thought about contingency plans should any of your suppliers be unavailable?
If for any reason, the local authorities restrict the movement of registrars, it may be worth considering continuing with your wedding, maybe as a humanist celebration, and getting officially married at your home county registry office on an alternative date. Your notice to marry will still remain valid provided your official ceremony is performed within a year from the date you gave it.
As both an outdoor and indoor venue – If you have planned your ceremony indoors, maybe think about having it outdoors (weather permitting)
Reduce your guest numbers – to limit your potential exposure to the virus and that of your guests. In particular, those in the “At Risk” categories – older guests, school aged children or those who are immunocompromised.
Do not be tempted to invite new guests to pad out your guest list! 

COUPLES AND GUESTS TRAVELLING FROM ABROAD: If you are travelling here to get married, please check your travel insurance for terms relevant to COVID-19 and any impending travel bans to the UK. 
Think about travelling earlier than planned to enable quarantine should it be imposed (usually 14 days).
Guests – Maybe consider not travelling at all and use video link instead.

WEDDING INSURANCE: If you haven’t already done so, please carefully read the Terms and Conditions of your insurance policy, especially as many insurers are now adding clauses relative to COVID-19.
After reading many industry blogs and websites, and at the time of writing 16 March 2020:
Most wedding insurances will only be valid for the wedding couples (not your guests). Should you need to cancel your wedding due to your ill health or the ill health of a close relative, it should still stand (but make sure to check).
If you are considering cancelling your wedding, as you are nervous about continuing, you are unlikely to be covered by your wedding insurance.


The following links provide the most up to date and relevant information that we feel will be useful to you. 

    National Government Guidance on the number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and risk in the UK. Find out what to do if you have symptoms, and what the government is doing about the virus

  • R and F Wedding Blog
    This is a great blog article for wedding couples who have lots of questions regarding the risks to their own wedding
An Outdoor Lake District Lake District Weekend Wedding
An Outdoor Weekend Barn Wedding Ceremony


At present due to risks associated with Coronavirus, and in an effort to protect our currently booked weddings, we are no longer offering face to face on site meetings.

This applies to both Final Planning Meetings and Show Rounds.

We will be offering video links via either Skype or Zoom, or telephone calls until further notice.
If you require instructions for Skype or Zoom please contact me.

Thank you for your patience and understanding

Caroline & Steve

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