Cote How Policies


Environmental Policy

At Cote How Lake District Weddings we are try aim to be ethically conscious and considerate to the environment in the way we operate the business. As a destination wedding venue, we aim to offset the carbon footprint of those that travel to us through measures that we are more able to control, such as operating with a local supplier and local produce bias and having a no car policy at the venue. While minimising our own footprint we also encourage our clients and their guest to follow suit wherever possible.


Privacy Policy

All information collected by Cote How will only be used in conjunction your own wedding enquiry and wedding bookings for the purposes of providing a quality service to you. We do not keep a mailing list and you will not be bombarded with emails. Your details will not be passed on to any third parties.


Access Statement

Cote How is a Grade II listed building which is nearly 500 years old. As such, there is very little we can do to amend its physical features, but there is fairly easy access to all areas of the ground floor. The first floor is only accessible via a wide and shallow staircase. To find out more, please see our full access statement.