A Summer Humanist Lawn Wedding

Wedding Couple Bride and Groom in Cote How MeadowWe were blessed in every way... the sun shone brightly and all those well-honed plans came together (with a little effort) to make a very dynamic and unusual wedding packed with fun and entertainment.

Louise and Darren's fabulous white wedding... or TWO!

Louise and Darren Official Ceremony Banner

 The Official Ceremony

We started the day with an official ceremony in the open threshold of the 16th Century Barn at Cote How. This is one of five licensed areas where you can hold your official wedding. As the lawn is not licensed, in order for your marriage to be official and to gain your marriage certificate then an official ceremony is performed beforehand. Louise and Darren opted for the Barn, benefiting from the open air with fabulous views of the surrounding mountains!
Here Cumbria Registration Service attended for the official wedding ceremony which was a short but emotional event attended by just five members of the close family and friends.
A glass of bubbly followed then a quick 200m walk to Rydal Water Lake edge for Louise and Darren to get some romantic shots by Steve from Derwent Photography (watch this space!)

Louise and Darren Humanist Ceremony Banner

  The Humanist Lawn Ceremony

 We then had a quick change for the bride and started to welcome the remainder of the lovely guests who were entertained by Paddy Rogan on the house terrace ahead of the Humanist Celebration on the Croquet Lawn.This was a very happy and relaxed ceremony and featured a very apt poem written and performed by Charlotte. Louise and Darren literally and symbolically tied the knot with the help of celebrant Lesley form Cumbria Ceremonies, before the newlyweds enjoyed a little drive around the garden in the fabulous Austin 7 supplied by friends Charlotte and Kiz.

Louise and Darren Evening Barn Reception Banner

 The Confetti, speeches and Evening Reception

 Delicious canapes and drinks on the terrace were followed by the confetti entourage down to the Barn Courtyard for speeches and thanks Al Fresco before enjoying a delicious hog roast.The evening reception was then full swing thanks to Paddy and his band with some live entertainment and a fabulous spread of cheeses and Cumberland meats thanks to Karen.

Special Thanks to:
Flowers by Brackens of Bowness
Hair and hugs by Gareth of Aqua Hair Bowness
Entertainment by Paddy Rogan
Official Photographer by Derwent Photography (Though not these ones - Which are from Caroline's Samsung Note 8)


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