In & Around Cote How – August Roundup

House terrace 2019

Yes it’s mid-September and I’m late again with my monthly blog. School holidays wrapping up, a few days out, football practice (daughter not me), new office furniture arriving (oh not more flat packs!) etc. etc. all conspired (or assisted 😊) in delaying the inevitable time when I needed to sit down and blog once again.

In & Around Cote How – July Roundup

House from the Paddock

OK, so July seems like a distant memory. A funny old month and August seems to be going much the same way. Warm but interspersed with torrents of rain. The grass is going bonkers, leaves are starting to drop, my boots have a permanent dampness and the cat’s gone into hibernation.

In and Around Cote How – June Roundup

Cote How Wedding Venue in June

June – a busy month! Lots of weddings done and, to be honest, I’m glad we’ve now got a little time to take stock, rest, then move the venue forward before we busy up again for the remainder of the summer and autumn.

In and Around Cote How – May Roundup

Rhododendrons at cote how

Wow! So where did May go? It only seems like minutes since I was battling with my first blog at the end of April and yet here I am again. Have I got anything to write about? Well let’s see...

In and Around Cote How – April Roundup

Steve at Cote How
And so here it is! Steve’s monthly blog about all things in and #aroundcotehow.

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