At Cote How we specialise in relaxed and intimate ceremonies, based around two people who adore each other, who want to celebrate a life together. Your wedding day should be one of the most cherished days of your life.  But how do you craft the most intimate and meaningful memories from twenty-four little hours? 

Circles of Intimacy

We believe that circles of intimacy are important. Sharing your celebration with those who love you and take joy in your happiness.  For many couples those circles may be quite traditional

  • Wedding Couple/Children
  • Parents/Grandparents
  • Siblings/Other close relatives
  • Close friends
  • Extended Family
  • Colleagues/Less close connections

And as these circles extend, you may find yourself leaning towards one of our larger weddings

  • 2 DAY Weekend PREMIUM – Full Weekend for up to 50 guests
  • 2 Day Weekend RUSTIC– Full weekend informal for up to 70 guests

Your Own Family Tree

But life is a rich and colourful tapestry, and for many couples those circles might be very different. 
One way to visualise this may be to think about how your relationships have grown, rather like the rings on a tree
  • Who was important at the start of your relationship, who planted or nurtured it?
  • Who has been a steady presence, watered and protected it?
  • Who is important in the maturity of your relationship, helping you weather any storms?









Smaller more intimate Weddings

You might find your circles of intimacy more, well, intimate.  Our smaller weddings are designed for couples seeking a companionable day, with those closest to them in a beautiful and memorable setting.

  • 2 Hour MIDWEEK Simple CeremonLY - For up to 24 guests
  • 4 Hour MIDWEEK Afternoon - For up to 24 guests
  • 2 night MIDWEEK Elopement - For up to 6 guests
  • 6 Hour Midweek All-Inclusive - 6 -9 hours for up to 24 guests
  • Full day MIDWEEK - Full day for up to 40 guests
  • Humanist Weddings - Available in any of the above styles or add on an outdoor ceremony
  • Short notice Weddings - Available in any of the above within 90 days

With our bespoke planning service, you can identify your own style and approach.  And we guarantee exclusive use of the venue for the entirety of your wedding.

Each of these weddings are detailed more fully on our Wedding Styles pages. If you have any queries regarding these wedding styles and possible variations please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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